On This Day: Visit the Panama Canal

This item hasn’t come up on my monthly bucketlists yet, but I thought it would be fitting to write a quick note for it today.  You see it’s the 100th anniversary of when it opened.  I went with my family on a cruise back in 2005.  One of the stops was going through the locks on the Altantic side and stopping for a day in Panama.  It was pretty impressive to be up early and watch the ship go through the locks.  Very impressive too how man was able to construct such a feat.  To think the canal is not something that nature had set, but that human dug it out (and continue to do work on it) just so we didn’t have to sail all the way around South America.

Here is a photo that The National Archives shared:  This illustration entitled, “Open for Business”, by cartoonist Clifford Berryman, which appeared in the Washington Evening Star on August 15, 1914, shows Uncle Sam officially opening the Panama Canal.


And here is my sis and I at the canal.



Have you been? and was just as impressed?