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Cocktails: Melon Ball & Pearl Harbor

Read about this challenge and see the list here 

Ingredients: melon liqueur, pineapple juice, vodka

Drank on: October 20, 2014

Location: My House in Sacramento, California

Notes: As some friends and I were looking at the list of cocktails, we noticed these 2 drinks shared the same ingredients. So, made the drink and ended up drinking it twice, so I can go ahead and check both off my list.

Good or bad that some drinks have multiple names?


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Cocktails: Margarita

Read about this challenge and see the list here 

Ingredients: (regular) tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, sour mix

Cannot recall what type of margarita those were

Drank on: May 2013

Location: Chico, California

Notes: at a Margarita mix-off (tasting) fundraising event

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#7 Cocktails To Try

I was first inspired by reading about a “bucket list” of cocktail drinks from Annette’s Bucket List Journey Blog. She had created her list from reading of other cocktails lists, bartenders, friends and ones she had before and wanted to try again. I also found an article on VinePair about the top 50 popular cocktail drinks. “Every year, Drinks International, a trade publication for the alcohol industry, gathers data on the top bars around the world. The result is an ever-shifting who’s who of cocktails that tells the story of which drinks are in vogue and which are falling out of favor.

I think it would be fun to create my own checklist. I will start with 100 and continue to add as I hear of other ones to give a try. I don’t want to just say I drank it and be done. I will be taking a photo and then write on when, where, and if there was anything to note about it to officially check it.

Going with that idea: I’ve drunk 60 of 100 / or 60% down and passed it around (great, the 99 bottles on the wall song is now stuck in my head)

How many have you had?

  1. Alabama Slammer – vodka, southern comfort, amaretto, gin, oj
  2. Amaretto Sour – amaretto, syrup, lemon juice, egg white
  3. Americano – campari, sweet vermouth, club soda
  4. Aperol Spritz – prosecco, aperol, and soda
  5. Aviation – crème de violette, maraschino lqueur, gin, lemon juice
  6. Bahama Mama – coffee liqueur, dark rum, coconut liqueur, rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice
  7. Banshee – banana liqueur, white creme de cacao, milk
  8. Bay Breeze – vodka, cranberry, pineapple
  9. Bellini – peach juice and champagne
  10. Between the Sheets – brandy, light rum, triple sec, lemon juice
  11. Black & Tan – Guinness and pale ale beer
  12. Black Russian – vodka and coffee liqueur
  13. Black Velvet – champagne and stout beer
  14. Bloody Mary – tomato juice, vodka, lemon, worcestershire, celery salt
  15. Blow Job – irish cream liqueur and amaretto
  16. Blue Hawaiian – light rum, pineapple juice, blue curacao, cream of coconut
  17. Bocce Ball – vodka, amaretto, oj, soda water
  18. Boilermaker – draft beer and blended whiskey
  19. Boulevardier – whiskey, amaro, sweet vermouth
  20. Bramble – blackcurrant liqueur, gin, lemon, simple syrup
  21. Buttery Nipple – butterscotch schnapps and irish cream liqueur
  22. Caipirinha – lime, sugar, cachaca
  23. Champagne cocktail – cognac, sugar, bitters, champagne
  24. Chocolate Cake – citrus vodka, hazelnut liqueur, sugar coated lemon
  25. Clover Club –
  26. Corpse Reviver – cognac, calvados, sweet vermouth
  27. Cosmopolitan – vodka, cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice
  28. Creamsicle – vanilla vodka, triple sec, oj, half and half
  29. Cuba Libre – light rum, lime juice, cola
  30. Daiquiri – light rum, lime juice, sugar (blended)
  31. Dark n Stormy – gosling’s rum and ginger beer
  32. Dirty Bird – vodka, coffee liqueur, cream
  33. Dry Martini – gin, dry vermouth, olive juice, olives
  34. French 75 – lemon juice, gin, cointreau, champagne
  35. Gimlet – gin, rose’s lime juice
  36. Gin Fizz – gin, lemon juice, powdered sugar, water
  37. Godfather – scotch, amaretto
  38. Greyhound – vodka, grapefruit juice
  39. Hanky Panky – dry gin, Italian vermouth, Fernet-Branca
  40. Harvey Wallbanger – vodka, orange juice, galliano
  41. Highball – whiskey, ginger ale
  42. Hollywood – vodka, raspberry liqueur, pineapple juice
  43. Horny Bull – tequila and orange juice
  44. Hot Toddy – brandy, honey, lemon, water, tea bag
  45. Hurricane – light rum, dark rum, passionfruit, oj, lime, simple syrup, grenadine
  46. Irish Car Bomb – guinness, irish cream liqueur, irish whiskey
  47. Irish Coffee – coffee, irish whiskey, brown sugar, whipped cream
  48. Jack Rose – apple jack, lemon juice, grenadine
  49. Jello Shots – jello, water, vodka
  50. John Collins – bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup, club soda
  51. Jungle Bird – rum, Campari, lime, pineapple juice, sugar
  52. Kamikaze – vodka, lime juice, triple sec
  53. Lemon Drop – vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup
  54. Long Island Iced Tea – triple sec, light rum, gin, vodka, tequila, sour mix, cola
  55. Lynchburg Lemonade – whiskey, triple sec, sweet & sour, lemon-lime soda
  56. Mai Tai – light rum, lime juice, orange curacao, orgeat syrup, dark rum
  57. Manhattan – sweet vermouth, bourbon whiskey, angostura bitters
  58. Margarita – tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, sour mix
  59. Melon Ball – melon liqueur, pineapple juice, vodka
  60. Midori Sour – melon liqueur, whisky sour mix, lemon-lime soda
  61. Mimosa – triple sec, orange juice, champagne (don’t think i’ve tried it with triple sec though)
  62. Mint Julep – mint, simple syrup, bourbon
  63. Mojito – sugar, mint, club soda, lime, light rum
  64. Moscow Mule – ginger, vodka, lime, soda mix
  65. Mudslide – vodka, coffee liqueur, irish cream liqueur
  66. Negroni – sweet vermouth, campari, gin
  67. Old Cuban – aged rum, lime, mint, Angostura bitters, sparkling wine.
  68. Old Fashioned – sugar, angostura bitters, orange slices, bourbon
  69. Painkiller – Pusser’s Rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, orange juice
  70. Paloma – tequila, grapefruit mix, squirt (or 7up)
  71. Pearl Harbor – melon liqueur, pineapple juice, vodka
  72. Penicillin – blended Scotch, smoky Islay Scotch, lemon juice, honey ginger simple syrup
  73. Peppermint Patty – white creme de cacoa, white creme de menthe, dark creme de cacoa, cream
  74. Pickleback – irish whiskey, pickle juice
  75. Pina Colada – pineapple juice, light rum, coconut cream
  76. Pink Lemonade – citron vodka, chambord, sweet & sour mix
  77. Pisco Sour –
  78. Ramos Gin Fizz – To make a proper Ramos Gin Fizz, shake gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, lime juice, egg white, heavy cream, andorange flower water for a full 12 minutesRob Roy – scotch, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters
  79. Rum & Coke
  80. Rum Old Fashioned –
  81. Rum Runner – oj, blackberry brandy, creme de banane, gold rum, grenadine
  82. Rusty Nail – scotch, drambuie
  83. Sazerac – Absinthe, sugar, Rye whiskey or Cognac, Peychaud’s Bitters
  84. Screwdriver – vodka and orange juice
  85. Sea Breeze – vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice
  86. Seven & Seven – seagrams 7 whiskey and 7-up
  87. Sex on the Beach – vodka, peach schnapps, creme de casis, oj, cranberry juice
  88. Sidecar – bourbon, cointreau, lemon juice
  89. Ti’Punch – agricole rhum, cane syrup, lime wedge.
  90. Tom Collins – gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, club soda
  91. Vesper –
  92. Vieux Carre – brandy, whiskey, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura, Peychaud’s bitters.
  93. Vodka Martini – vodka, dry vermouth
  94. Vodka Tonic 
  95. Washington Apple – whiskey, apple schnapps, cranberry juice
  96. Whiskey Sour – whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup
  97. White Linen –
  98. White Russian – vodka, kahlua, cream
  99. Woo Woo – vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice
  100. Zombie – lemon juice, dark rum, orange juice, cherry brandy, light rum, grenadine