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Recipe #2 – Angel Hair Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Edamame “Pesto”

“Everyday Dining with Wine”

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angel hair pasta
smoked salmon
frozen edamame
cilantro leaves / basil leaves / garlic cloves / ground white pepper / sea salt
olive oil / toasted sesame oil

Wine recommendations: 

Italian Vermentino – Sella & Mosca Vermentino or Sparkling Wine – Nino Franco Prosecco (Italy), Iron Horse Russian Cuvee Sparkling Wine (California)My Review: 

I had tried to make it a faster recipe by using a package of smoked salmon and it turned out not very good. Didn’t care much for the “pesto” sauce of it either.

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#17 Make all Recipes from a Cookbook

I saw this bucket list item on other people’s lists/journals and thought it a wonderful idea. The book I would like to make food dishes from is a little different from your normal cookbook. The title might give you a hint, “Everyday Dining with Wine” by Andrea Immer. She is an author of another book I have, “Great Wine Made Simple”. I was given that book when I really started getting into wines and wanted to know more.

The recipes are in chapters separated by the different types of wines rather than types of dishes. I have only glanced through the book before and love how it helps teach you about pairing wines with different types of foods and uses these recipes as examples.

Cookbook challenge

My goal for this bucket list item will be to make the 125 dishes that are in this book. I’ll let you know the progress as I go and if there are any outstanding ones you should give a taste test to.

On the jacket it describes the cookbook to be “with minimum fuss and at minimal cost. Her food and wine matches are guaranteed to make even weeknight meals special occasions.”

List of Recipes I’ve Made (9/125):