Ice-Skating (take 1)

We have a couple of indoor ice rinks, and during a few months in the winter, there is a small rink outside in the downtown area of Sacramento. I have been wanting to go ice skating but just haven’t gotten my butt out to the rinks. In 2015, they added a huge ice rink over at the baseball field. It was “The Biggest Show on Snow!” the rink was large enough that they had a hockey game from 2 nearby teams.

A friend and I went and bought the full ticket that included 3 slides down their man-made hill and 1 hour of skating.

Went to the slides first. Got our tubes, got up there, and the helpers asked if we signed a waiver. At first we thought they were kidding, nope, so we had to go back down and were pointed the way to the table to sign and get a wristband saying we are aware we are taking a risk to our lives.

Back to the tube, back up the stairs, and then a quick bounce down the hill. The first time I went face toward the bottom. The second time was away and going backwards. The third time, the guy pushed me off in a way that caused me to spin in circles on the way down. It was fun!

Then onto the skating. Thought I got the correct size skates, but later saw a sign saying to go one size down from your normal size. whoops. Got on the skates and started walking to the rink. Well, tried walking, it was more like wobbling and realizing I need to work on my balance. We stepped on the ice and I was already preparing to fall down. Like many of the others there, I kept close to the wall to help with the balance. I was hoping to get out to more the middle of the ice, because I knew it probably would be smoother ice to skate on. That wasn’t gonna happen this time. I did push away a few times and skated, but then my ankles turned on me, my feet cramped up, and I started wobbling again. I fell a couple of times. One of the times a girl was close by, skating in circles. I put out my hand toward her because she was coming my way and I didn’t want her to fall on me. She took that as needing help, as she she first asked if I was okay, and then helped pull me up. That was a little humbling, but very nice of her to treat her elders so well.

I made it about halfway and I knew I wasn’t going to make it a full hour of skating time. My friend had lapped me twice already. By the time I made it back around to the entrance gate, I was done. My feet cramped and my ankles and lower calves were hurting. Not to mention the knees I fell on. I believe my friend lasted four or five go-arounds. We were done.

My friend suggested that before trying to skate again, I should work on strengthening my ankles and my balance. So, that’s my new plan. I can cross off ice skating but I really want to do a better job and get a little videoing of it. If I did video this time, it would have been perfect to send to America’s Funniest Videos.

Have you gone ice skating? indoors or outdoors? funny experience or able to do twirls and jumps like a professional?


First Half Marathon

I always thought that people were crazy doing half and full marathons, that I would never be able to go that distance running.  In 2010, I learned from a friend that she would run/walk these 13.1 mile races.  It stunned me.  I never considered that someone could  walk it.  Guess I always pictured running because that’s what you see on the news when they talk about these events.  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that one could indeed run and walk marathons.  So, I signed up for the half marathon in March celebrating St. Patrick’s day.  It’s also one of the starting half’s in the area for the running season.  I thought, perfect, this gives me a couple of months to train.  And a great way to kick start my goal of getting back in shape and living a healthy lifestyle again.

Well, I didn’t really get off my butt for training, but I was still determined to do the race.  Quick enough race day came, and we met up at the start.  I remember walking most of it, and was probably pretty slow going for my friend.  She was very nice in staying with me and my other friend who joined in for her first half marathon.


Half way through the race!

Half way through the race!

I loved the atmosphere and the attitude of all the racers.  They were so happy (most of them) and a lot dressed up for St. Patrick’s day.  That’s when I learned how often there were themes to races that people would dress for (especially wearing tutus).  I hadn’t realized how much I missed being around athletes, like I used to be with swimming, until I was surrounded by them again.  That’s what got me hook on racing again.  I am not much for running, but I definitely am for doing more races.

shamrockn marathon 2010-M

My goal is to properly train for a half marathon and see what kind of time I could do running the whole thing.