Have a V-8

I used to drink V-8 as a kid ALL THE TIME. Then got sick of it and couldn’t stand drinking it anymore. Recently I’ve been drinking it again, and back to enjoying it. Now, V-8 has also created fusion drinks with fruit added. Will try one of those some point.

I also want to try juicing my own V-8 some time. But at least I can check this off my list of things to do.

I always think of those old V-8 commercials when people are walking around sideways until they have a drink.

Monthly List: November 2015

1228 Ace your opponent
1210 Bake Shrinky Dinks
1212 Become a Little Rascals expert
1208 Blend your herbal teas
1230 Call heads and tails
1223 Convince your partner to go back to school
1205 Cornrow your Westie
1213 Cry Copiously
1211 Design and paint stained-glass ornaments
1224 Enlighten racists, anti-Semites, and homophobes
1219 Examine whether or not you are a racist
1225 Have a V-8
1226 Have a Yoo-Hoo
1216 Have lunch with Jenny Craig
1218 Have your own radio show
1217 Impersonate John Travolta
1207 Learn Braille
1220 Pay a stranger’s subway fare
1204 Pretend that everyone knows God’s a woman
1201 Propose
1206 Recognize your own addictions
1202 Rewrite the Book of Genesis to your liking
1214 Scuba-dive for jewelry in a public lake
1229 Shoot craps
1209 Sit in an empty church
1215 Take your frustrations out at a driving range
1227 Umpire a professional ball game
1222 Walk a marathon with a disabled entrant
1203 Wallpaper your bathroom walls with old photographs
1221 Watch an autopsy

Every month I am taking 30 items from the 2001 Things to Do book and creating a short checklist. I am using this as inspiration to work on crossing things off the list, maybe not particularly from that month, but overall to do something different. This is not necessarily a “bucket list”; it is a goal that by doing something new (or doing something I’ve done before but hadn’t documented it with photos or journaling) I will keep from feeling in a rut. I will be able to look back at the little, big, sad, happy, joyful, or heart thumping moments and feel my life has value.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” by Dennis Waitley

This is a reminder to myself of why I have this blog. I’m working through posting all the items from the book and beyond, to keep in mind to do something. To get out there for experiences and adventures.

I’d love to hear if you have done any of these. Or if you have other ideas to try.