Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

No New ResolutionsWhat does a “resolution” really mean? According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary it has lots of different meanings, but the part that probably matters for this subject is that it; “is the act of answering, the act of determining, something that is resolved (made a – to mend my ways)”. Taking a close look at the word and definition shows me that it doesn’t really fit what people mean for it to be at the beginning of each year. I guess they are determining what they want to do for the next calendar year, but should it really be labeled a “resolution”?

I have stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started making goals for that year. Planning a trip or two and continuing some goals that I have to keep improving myself, such as working on a healthy and fit lifestyle & keeping life interesting. I think that is a much better way to welcome in the new year, you have a whole 12 months to schedule and plan and have fun with.

heartI recently saw this cartoon from The Awkward Yeti that also shows why one should stop making resolutions. It has an argument supporting both sides, but I liked the brain telling the heart that it’s really just another day of the year. No reason to treat it as something new. But just like sometimes it’s fun to have a start date for a something to work on; the first of the year, the first of the month, even the first of the week helps make it fun to celebrate. To note that on THIS DAY I’ll begin this journey to completing that goal or project.

Do you keep making New Year’s Resolutions? Have you stopped? Do you treat the New Year as a start for a goal or treat it as just another day?

Monthly List: May 2014

688 Admit that it’s too hard and try again
663 Appear in a music video
683 Arrange sweet surprises
661 Attend a town meeting
664 Bake the best apple pie
671 Be more persuasive
669 Be the clown in the dunking booth
676 Board the river tour in Chicago
680 Eat salt water taffy and cotton candy
690 Eat, drink, and be very merry
670 Finish school
662 Get involved
667 Give a friend a copy of your favorite novel
665 Grow the largest pumpkin
679 Have your own carnival stand
689 Hold out until he, she, or it gets it right
687 Learn to play bridge
685 Live without a phone for a full seven days
686 Overcome your most dreaded fear
666 Raise ribbon-winning livestock
674 Ride a cable car in San Francisco
678 Ride a merry-go-round
673 Ride the circle line around Manhattan
675 Sail a yacht down the Miami Intercostal
681 Sing Christmas carols around the middle of August
668 Start a wave at the stadium
682 Stop making New Year’s resolutions
672 Take a tour of movie stars’ homes
677 Tear a phone book in half with your bare hands
684 Write the ending

Every month I am taking 30 items from the 2001 Things to Do book and creating a short checklist. I am using this as inspiration to work on crossing things off the list, maybe not particularly from that month, but overall to do something different. This is not necessarily a “bucket list”; it is a goal that by doing something new (or doing something I’ve done before but hadn’t documented it with photos or journaling) I will keep from feeling in a rut. I will be able to look back at the little, big, sad, happy, joyful, or heart thumping moments and feel my life has value.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” by Dennis Waitley

This is a reminder to myself of why I have this blog. I’m working through posting all the items from the book and beyond, to keep in mind to do something. To get out there for experiences and adventures.

I’d love to hear if you have done any of these. Or if you have other ideas to try.