I CAN Be an Artist

It seems there is a growing trend of learn-to-paint classes, which encourage novice artists to gather with a group of friends and create a piece of artwork, all while enjoying a cocktail or two. This is not an item written down to check off my list, but it is something I’ve thought would be fun. … Continue reading I CAN Be an Artist

Monthly List: March 2014

622 Attend the Winter Solstice, or any Paul Winter concert 627 Baby-sit 603 Bake brownies 609 Buck the odds 629 Compete on "Jeopardy" 604 Drink an egg cream made with Fox's u-bet 610 Fly upside down 613 Get past twenty push-ups 625 Hang up on an unwanted caller 617 Hug and kiss your relatives a … Continue reading Monthly List: March 2014