See Stonehenge and Join the Druids

I didn’t join any druids at Stonehenge, but it definitely was a highlight to see in person.

I saw Stonehenge in 1998 when I was there for a college semester. Just so you know it is located in the middle of nowhere in England. It was really neat to see in person, just sad that we can no longer walk among the stones. I can’t recall who this is in the photo with me other than it was another girl that was also in the semester abroad program. Going to Stonehenge was one of the extra group trips that one could take during our time in England.

In May 2010, my mom, sister, and I did happen to walk in the druid garden area in Blarney National Park (located in Ireland). We walked along the garden path and stopped at different places that had plaques explaining a little about different druid monuments where they once did different druid stuff. One of the places was the Blarney Witch Stone. People would leave offerings on the stone for good luck and also so the witch wouldn’t get you if you stayed there after dark. My sister tried putting a coin in the stone, but it kept falling off. We weren’t sure what that was supposed to mean, did the witch want more money?

On the way to Killarney, we found one of Ireland’s stone circles. As you will see, at this one you can still walk around the stones. It is called the Dromberg Stone Circle and has been around for a very long time. It may not look as mysterious as Stonehenge’s large stacked stones, but it still is impressive with the way people formed them and used it for seasons and such (as far as we know).

Have you seen Stonehenge?