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Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

I went to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany around 2002. I thought I’d write up a condensed list of some of stories/memories/experiences I had. I would LOVE to go to Oktoberfest again sometime, especially since I only was there one evening.

What I learned from my First Oktoberfest adventure in Germany:

  • Don’t wait until the day before to decide to go. You’ll only be able to get a room at a B & B outside of Munich in the middle of no-where.
  • Learned that Dachau is a little town outside of Munich, not just a concentration camp. Did you know that?
  • Don’t forget how you got to the B & B, you’ll need that information later
  • Learned they had carnival type rides there. Whoa, is that really a good idea?
  • Don’t be with people that decide to bring a little baby. They won’t let you in the tents/halls where there is beer, food, and fun music and dancing because of all the smoking that fills the air.
  • Beer and some food are available outside, and tables, but it looked more fun inside
  • If you are with people with a baby, you can sneak some free beersteins out, maybe. otherwise you have to buy them
  • Be careful handing your phone off to friends as a precaution to getting split up. Your dad might call to say hi and that friend will have a conversation with him, who has no idea who the person is. Luckily, I was nearby to grab the phone.
  • Do not lean against walls, ever! If you wonder why they are wet, just wait, you will see why lines to the guys bathrooms are so short.
  • You make all kinds of friends sitting at the long tables, sometimes you can understand each other and other times you just smile, laugh, and go along with what each of you are saying even though you have no clue.
  • Shepherding drunk friends back to the train station requires more than one sober person to help, depending on the group
  • You might think Dachau was small in the daylight and easy to navigate the roads, but at night the roads all become circles.
  • It’s spooky driving right past the remains of the concentration camp, especially when you realize that’s what it is and had never seen it. Don’t let your drunk friends convince you to stop to check it out. Don’t worry I didn’t let them.
  • Once you finally get on the road to the B & B in the middle of no-where, try not to get stuck with a train going through. The drunk friends in their wife beaters will try to speak to the occupants in another car for directions. Whether they understood the slurred English or attempts at German are unknown.
  • Make sure you can get into the B & B in the late evening. It took a while for someone to unlock the door
  • Make sure the couple with the baby have diapers. There are no places to buy some in Germany as everything is closed on Sundays.
  • Don’t forget a camera to take photos of all these antics, especially if you need proof when telling some one what they did
only photo I have, this is Dachu’s concentration camp ruins

Have you been to the Oktoberfest in Germany?  Or other big Oktoberfests? Crazy adventures to share? Been to Dachau?

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Cocktails: Irish Car Bomb

Read about this challenge and see the list here

Ingredients: Guinness beer, Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur, and Jameson Irish whiskey

Drank on: St. Patrick’s Day – March 17, 2016

Location: Pine Cove, Sacramento, California

Notes: I have had an Irish car bomb once before but it was before I started going through this list, so to check it off, I had to drink it again and get a photo. It had been so long, I had forgotten the trick of dropping in the shot and then drinking fast. The bartender said I could just pour in the shot instead of dropping in the glass. My friends said that would be cheating.

Down the hatch! Slainte

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Cocktails: Black & Tan

Read about this challenge and see the list here

photo 1Ingredients: Guinness and Pale Ale Beer

Drank on: March 18, 2014

Location: Made this at home to enjoy with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread.

Notes: I kind of had an idea on how this was made. You pour the pale ale in first and then pour the Guinness over a spoon. A bit of it went along the back part of the spoon and onto the counter top. I ended up looking at a video to see what I was doing incorrectly. They tilted the spoon a little more at an angle then I had.

Found this tidbit of advice when looking up the drink: It is not recommended to order in Ireland. Apparently some natives feel the drink name is a bit offensive due to a violent part of history in the 1920’s. The British uniforms wore black & tan and put down the Irish in the failed Easter Uprising. (Look it up if you want to know more)