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#172 – Watch Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap Movie PosterOne might ask what is this movie about?

Let’s jump over to Wikipedia and do a search for a definition:

“This Is Spinal Tap is an American 1984 rock musical mockumentary directed by Rob Reiner about the fictional heavy metal band Spinal Tap. The film satirizes the wild personal behavior and musical pretensions of hard rock and heavy metal musical bands, as well as the hagiographic tendencies of rock documentaries of the time.”

Was able to get around to watching this movie and I don’t really see why it is considered a “cult” classic. I understand the standardizes that they were making fun of. The number of British bands coming over to America, the bad luck that followed some bands, in this movie it was the accidental deaths of their drummers, and last the ending with them getting a resurgence of their fame over in Japan. I was surprised that several big name stars had small appearances in the movie. Like Billy Crystal playing a waiter at a party dressed as a mine.

This is NOT going on my “let’s re-watch this movie lots of times” list.

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Cocktails #18 Bocce Ball

from the 111 cocktails (you must try) challenge

Read about this challenge and see the list here

IMG_1528Ingredients: vodka, amaretto, orange juice, and soda water

Drank on: October 19, 2015

Location: Fanny Ann’s Saloon (in Old Sacramento), Sacramento, California

Notes: I asked the bartender here, what was a popular cocktail. He mentioned “Bocce Ball” and “Hop, Skip, and Go Naked”. I got excited when I heard Bocce Ball because I knew it was on my list and I haven’t really felt like trying any drinks from it in a while. This would be perfect to be able to cross one off and see about getting re-motivated.

I liked this drink, reminds me of a screwdriver. if you like orange juice drinks this one is for you. it can sneak up on you as you don’t really taste the alcoholic part.

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#775 – Permit Yourself to Like a Piece of Art Without Knowing Why

I have enjoyed several pieces of art without really knowing why. It truly is amazing the way artists can capture moments or inspire emotions with abstract. And the different types out there: charcoal, water colors, oils, photography, just to name a few mediums.

I wish I had a fun game room and could afford some paintings from Michael Godard. I first saw his olive and grape paintings on a cruise ship a few years ago. He’s my most recent favorite. The paintings are just so much fun to look at.Michael_Godard_I_Lost_My_MarblesDo you have a favorite artist? Own any of the paintings? Do you like a piece just because?

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Cocktails #16 Blow Job

from the 111 cocktails (you must try) challenge

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P1100214Ingredients: Irish cream liqueur and amaretto

Drank on: December 18, 2014

Location: Pine Cove in Sacramento, California

Notes: (while on a ugly sweater/crazy santa hat pub crawl) I told my friends that I decided to give this shot a try. They were all for it and proceeded to tell me there is a specific way to drink it. You can’t use your hands (and one person said that afterwards you have to find a guy to give a kiss to) They also said that this location does it pretty good. So, I went up to the bar and asked for a blow job. The bartender gave me a strange look. She thought I said blue dolphin (which I learned is code for water). My friend repeated what I wanted. The bartender looked for whip cream to add. She made the shot for both of us.

I tried to lift up the glass with my teeth, which I realize now was dumb. Should have just been the mouth. It started spilling, so I put it down and then laughed which spilled it more. Finally I used my hand to shoot what was left. Guess I need to practice more 🙂


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#1297 – Hula-Hoop

I was volunteering with my Active 20-30 club at a children’s home. We brought games to play and lunch for the kids. We also had sports stuff like kickball and hula-hoops that we donated to them. Hmm, what a perfect opportunity to borrow a hula-hoop and spin it around.

Of course I did this as a kid, but I am taking photos and videos to officially check the items from the book. So I had to do this again. I didn’t even make it 3 seconds. Apparently I don’t have the rhythm down anymore. I will have to work on that so I can make a video.hulahoopHow long can you hula-hoop? And can you hula more than one hoop?

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#529 – Eat a Hot Tamale

This could be for eating the candy ~ Hot tamales


or for eating the dish. By definition a tamale is “A Mexican dish of seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough and steamed or baked in corn husks”

tamaleI’ve enjoyed hot tamales wrapped in corn husks several times from the grocery store. In 2012, I was coming home from a trip and had a layover at an airport in El Salvador. While there I had my first experience of eating a tamale that had been wrapped in grape leaves. It didn’t taste all that different.


What are some different ways you have received and eaten a hot tamale?

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#256 – Go Wine Tasting in Sonoma County, California

The first time went wine tasting in Sonoma County I think was in 2009. My family rented a house in the Russian River area for the weekend. This was a lot of fun because a number of them had been living in other parts of the country and so it was a big family gathering. While visiting, I went with one of my cousins and his girlfriend (at the time) to a few wineries.P1010199The only one I know is Hop Kiln because I got the name in a photo. There were two other places that were beautiful and had tasting rooms outside, but I’ve forgotten their names. Guess I’m just going to have to go back to match the photo to the place and re-taste the wine.P1010203What is neat about Hop Kiln is that the tasting room is in a California registered landmark.

This structure served the important hop industry of California’s north coast region, once the major hop-growing area in the west. Built in 1905 by a crew of Italian stonemasons, it represents the finest existing example of its type. The building consists of three stone kilns for drying hops and an attached wooden cooling barn with a two-story press for baling hops.

I definitely want to go back and explore more and taste more of the wineries. I would say that Sonoma, especially the Russian River area, is more pretty then Napa. But I would bet the prices for tastings are about the same.

Have you been to wineries in Sonoma, Russian River, or Napa? How was your experience?

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#1074 – give your best friend a nickname only you can use

shavingI grew up swimming competitively year-round and we all had quite a few nicknames. I can recall one night at practice when we were doing a kicking set (in case it’s not clear, that’s using a kick board and kicking down and back in a swimming pool for a determine length of time) If it was possible, we would pair up to kick side by side and use the time to chat.

Now, I don’t remember what started the conversation, but we got going on saying nicknames that only each of us could use AND it had to do with food. I became Banana, and my two other friends were Cheesecake and Rye-Bread. It was immensely funny at the time. Actually, it still is.

Do you have nicknames that make others wonder at your sanity?

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Cocktail #11 Black & Tan

from the 111 cocktails (you must try) challenge

Read about this challenge and see the list here

photo 1Ingredients: Guinness and Pale Ale Beer

Drank on: March 18, 2014

Location: Made this at home to enjoy with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread.

Notes: I kind of had an idea on how this was made. You pour the pale ale in first and then pour the Guinness over a spoon. A bit of it went along the back part of the spoon and onto the counter top. I ended up looking at a video to see what I was doing incorrectly. They tilted the spoon a little more at an angle then I had.

Found this tidbit of advice when looking up the drink: It is not recommended to order in Ireland. Apparently some natives feel the drink name is a bit offensive due to a violent part of history in the 1920’s. The British uniforms wore black & tan and put down the Irish in the failed Easter Uprising. (Look it up if you want to know more)