Items 901 – 1260

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2015

901. Pick a lock
902. Kick the extra point
903. Feed a baby
904. take a hansom cab ride
905. Roll on a log
906. See all fifty states
907. Write a passionate love poem
908. Make a killing on the stock market
909. Learn how to use a compass
910. Leave the bed unmade for a month
911. Pilot a plane
912. Use a seesaw
913. Move an audience to tears
914. Save the unicorn from extinction
915. Pass mouthfuls of wine to your lover
916. Ask for the best seat in the house
917. Travel Route 66
918. Wear pajamas all day long
919. Know where you stand
920. Skydive
921. Hem your own pants
922. sign checks with a crayon
923. eat candy for breakfast
924. jump into a big pile of leaves
925. Own an original Matisse, Basquiat, or Nauman
926. Complete the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle
927. read the entire Sunday Times cover to cover
928. Tell your age proudly
929. Wear a lampshade on your head at a black-tie event
930. Learn all there is to know about the polka

931. Pull an all-niter
932. Be the life of the party
933. Join the circus
934. Call a psychic hotline and discover your past lives
935. Raise your own livestock
936. Order a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a business lunch
937. Win a game of Trivial Pursuit
938. Service your own car
939. Ride in a stretch limo on a first date
940. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
941. Smile, relentlessly, at a grumpy person
942. Have a picnic on the beach in February
943. Create your own Love Potion Number 9
944. Study at a culinary arts institute
945. Buy someone a present for no reason at all
946. Read the The Story of O to your lover
947. Lead a line dance at a wedding
948. Read the Marquis de Sade
949. Make the Joneses keep up with you
950. Start a trend
951. Be a chimney sweep for a day
952. Wear stripes, florals, and plaids together
953. Look after you leap
954. Order from the kid’s menu
955. Shop at a farmer’s market
956. Swim the English Channel
957. Swim around Manhattan
958. Tap, with pride, at the Macys Tap-A-Thon
959. Play with your food
960. Vamp

961. Vogue
962. Reread old love letters
963. Rekindle a flame
964. Comprehend the laws of physics
965. Take a bubble bath built for two
966. Learn to program the VCR
967. Set an example
968. Write poetry while sitting in a Parisian or Venetian café
969. Become a living legend
970. Own your own plot of land
971. Savor moonshine
972. Send all your Christmas cards out on time
973. Coach Little League
974. Learn Morse code
975. Eat only the green M&M’s
976. Travel the B&O Railroad
977. Eat humble pie
978. Take pride in your offspring
979. Learn and practice moxie
980. Discover the roots of your first name
981. Become familiar with ferns
982. Do away with your Achilles’ heel
983. act up
984. Act your shoe size
985. Serve on a jury
986. Hare a valet
987. Ask for a discount
988. Astonish and amaze your self
989. Write a love note in lipstick or shaving cream on the bathroom mirror
990. Read at a bar mitzvah

991. Bear witness
992. Pretend you’re French
993. Call Larry King’s show
994. Live in a trailer
995. Sign autographs
996. Annoy Imus and Howard Stern
997. Skip the gym and go shopping
998. Become familiar with the façade of Notre Dame de Paris
999. Contemplate beauty at the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris
1000. Pay your respects
1001. Mourn the dead at Auschwitz
1002. Change someone’s mind
1003. Enjoy your Mother-in-law’s company
1004. Relisten to the first cassette you ever bought
1005. Write to your lover in code
1006. Create a challenge course in your backyard
1007. Hang a tire swing from a tree
1008. Quote a rapper
1009. Go to a nightclub in drag
1010. Use handcuffs
1011. do it in the road
1012. Have passion for your work
1013. Leave a $50 in a blind person’s cup
1014. Revel in raw sex
1015. Let the phone ring
1016. Administer last rites
1017. Practice sitting up straight
1018. Wear a kilt to a formal affair
1019. Fall in love on a first date
1020. Convince your mom to get a mammogram

1021. Start a pillow fight
1022. Invite your friends over for a slumber party
1023. Realize it’s okay to not want a baby
1024. Make the perfect Bloody Mary
1025. Learn to ride western like the Marlboro Man
1026. Impress the sommelier
1027. Send him a dozen red roses
1028. Be a godparent
1029. Wow your friends with your karaoke routine
1030. Track down someone who influenced you
1031. Tend the keg at a fraternity bash
1032. Start a nude room at a party
1033. Cast a spell
1034. Buy an entire Western ensemble from Billy Martin’s
1035. Change your last name
1036. Get your picture taken in a champagne tub in the Poconos
1037. Wear a wig
1038. Be a guest on “Letterman”
1039. Buy a complete set of Dickens or Sherlock Holmes
1040. Operate your own bed & breakfast
1041. Memorize all the Presidents of the United States
1042. Thank a veteran
1043. Attend a peace rally
1044. Sleep with your dog
1045. Save a tree
1046. Maintain an absolutely perfect credit rating
1047. Play hooky
1048. Decorate outdoors with abandon at Christmastime
1049. Enjoy the view from your roof
1050. Whoop it up

1051. Make no apologies for loving ABBA and the Monkees
1052. Try your hand at tatting
1053. Become a member of Mensa
1054. Collect weather vanes, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda boxes, first editions or masks
1055. Use words like “soupcon,” “frisson,” and “cachet” more often
1056. Indulge your soft spot for doughnuts
1057. Lust after someone dangerous
1058. Make a fuss over your mom’s cooking
1059. Lollygag
1060. Have a love affair with a movie star
1061. Organize your friends and have an adult prom
1062. Play footsie with your date in a swank restaurant
1063. Sweep someone off their feet
1064. Be swept off your feet
1065. Lose your cool
1066. Rejoice-the end is pretty far away
1067. Wet your pants laughing
1068. Wear rose-colored glasses or contacts
1069. Quote Frank Sinatra
1070. Tell your boss you need workman’s comp for ergophobia
1071. Take a first-class ego trip
1072. Give the bus driver a present
1073. Spring clean in October
1074. Give your best friend a nickname only you can use
1075. Pack a thermos full of hot cocoa and go for a long walk in the wintry woods
1076. Repeat the phrase “Don’t die wondering”
1077. Get a second Bachelor’s degree
1078. Donate big bucks to your alma mater
1079. Choose a bridesmaid’s dress everyone loves
1080. Register at a bookshop, gourmet food store, or LL Bean for your birthday

1081. Comb the sand for beach glass and driftwood
1082. Skip rocks
1083. Do a mitzvah
1084. Pretend you don’t speak English
1085. Wear sunglasses at night
1086. Learn to spell hors d’oeuvres
1087. Commission a portrait of your dog
1088. Watch a session of Congress from the visitor’s gallery
1089. Grow antique roses on a white trellis
1090. Make out like a bandit
1091. Make out like teenagers
1092. Attend the seventh game of the World Series
1093. Listen to a recording of Leontyne Price, in her prime, sing “Vissi d’arte”
1094. Study Latin and classical Greek
1095. Purchase custom-made hand sewn shoes
1096. Bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan
1097. Make love in the back of a limo
1098. Eat pufferfish sushi
1099. Place your hands in Marilyn Monroe’s handprints at Mann’s Chinese Theater
1100. Build and launch a model rocket
1101. Perform with your band at Jim Morrison’s grave
1102. Take silly pictures with your best friend in a photo booth
1103. Wear two different shoes
1104. Become conversant with Symbolism, Dadaism, Der Blau Reiter, and Renaissance art
1105. Attend a couture show in Paris
1106. Dip into your capital
1107. Wax your eyebrows
1108. Find out if blondes do have more fun
1109. Be able to distinguish between punk and post-punk
1110. Indulge in a two-hour body massage

1111. Discover where shooting stars go
1112. Achieve greater family happiness
1113. Channel your endorphins
1114. Engage in Homeric laughter
1115. Deliver a home-cooked meal to a sick friend
1116. Have a tummy tuck
1117. Have big, luscious breasts
1118. Be nominated for an Oscar, Tony or Emmy
1119. Compete in a Worst prom story contest – and win
1120. Make the most of a bald spot
1121. Play donkey Basketball
1122. Attend the UN Conference on Women
1123. Discover a vaccine for something
1124. Clock in at 25 mph in the 100-meter dash
1125. Go to Capri and don’t come back
1126. Be a veejay
1127. House-sit in a penthouse
1128. Baby-sit a pot-bellied pig
1129. Paint with a big brush
1130. Get comped at the casino
1131. Subscribe to every magazine you ever wanted
1132. Own a shoe collection to rival Imelda Marcos
1133. Read the fine print
1134. Close the biggest deal you’ll ever make
1135. Face everyone else in the elevator
1136. Throw open the windows and scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”
1137. Wear a lei
1138. Ride the Orient Express
1139. Learn some dirty jokes that would make a nun laugh
1140. Live in Wyoming or Montana

1141. See the Black Hills
1142. Get blood from a stone and a silk purse from a sow’s ear
1143. Own a ferret
1144. Own a John Philip Sousa CD
1145. Act out the seventy-six trombone scene from The Music Man
1146. Carve a smiling jack-o-lantern
1147. Wear a Green Bay Packer cheesehead or a green foam Statue of Liberty crown
1148. Purchase at least one out-landish tie
1149. Warm the heart with music from a harp or lute
1150. Get someone to teach you how to play the bagpipes
1151. Build close ties to your grandchildren
1152. Love a teddy bear
1153. Tell your children all about your life
1154. Have another cookie
1155. Impersonate Elvis, Jerry Lewis, Ethel Merman, or Maurice Chevalier
1156. Wonder
1157. Rage, rage against the dying of the light
1158. Mix the perfect cocktail
1159. Ask for the biggest, fattest Swiss Army knife
1160. Go down in a submarine
1161. Play in Madison Square Garden
1162. Forecast the future
1163. Wear the pants
1164. Press the mute button
1165. Hire a stylist
1166. See and report a UFO
1167. Own a bar; drink for free
1168. Get your start at CBGB’s
1169. Claim you were at Woodstock
1170. Claim you were a Deadhead

1171. Pose for a full-page ad
1172. Be in the headlines
1173. Star in the show
1174. Direct a movie
1175. Take a mountain bike to the Ozarks
1176. Moonlight with your hobby
1177. Sell something by direct mail
1178. Jam at the Village Vanguard
1179. Throw strikes
1180. Play in the majors
1181. Pitch a no-hitter
1182. Play “The Star Spangled Banner” like Hendrix did
1183. Lose with true dignity
1184. Relearn “walk the doggie” with your yo-yo
1185. Send unsigned valentines to people in the office
1186. Outfox the bean counters
1187. Leave the place in better shape than you found it
1188. Leave the bed unmade, the toilet seat up, and the toothpaste cap off – just once
1189. Plant an indoor herb garden
1190. Embellish the good old stories
1191. Get your PDA in perfect shape
1192. Write out your plan for life
1193. Float in the Dead Sea
1194. Spend the night in a pyramid
1195. Dye your eyebrows
1196. Learn double dutch
1197. Examine you tear under a microscope
1198. Examine a Whopper under a microscope
1199. Teach yourself how to repair an engine
1200. Buy nothing for a weekend – not even public transportation

1201. Propose
1202. Rewrite the Book of Genesis to your liking
1203. Wallpaper your bathroom walls with old photographs
1204. Pretend that everyone knows God’s a woman
1205. Cornrow your Westie
1206. Recognize your own addictions
1207. Learn Braille
1208. Blend your herbal teas
1209. Sit in an empty church
1210. Bake Shrinky Dinks
1211. Design and paint stained-glass ornaments
1212. Become a Little Rascals expert
1213. Cry Copiously
1214. Scuba-dive for jewelry in a public lake
1215. Take your frustrations out at a driving range
1216. Have lunch with Jenny Craig
1217. Impersonate John Travolta
1218. Have your own radio show
1219. Examine whether or not you are a racist
1220. Pay a stranger’s subway fare
1221. Watch an autopsy
1222. Walk a marathon with a disabled entrant
1223. Convince your partner to go back to school
1224. Enlighten racists, anti-Semites, and homophobes
1225. Have a V-8
1226. Have a Yoo-Hoo
1227. Umpire a professional ball game
1228. Ace your opponent
1229. Shoot craps
1230. Call heads and tails

1231. Put your affairs in order
1232. Dissolve into chaos
1233. Revel in foofaraw
1234. Use “higgledy-piggledy” in everyday conversation
1235. Approach each new year with unchecked enthusiasm
1236. Hang ten
1237. Learn at least three palindromes
1238. Spot oxymoron’s
1239. Track a whitetail deer through the woods
1240. See a bighorn sheep at Estes Park in Colorado
1241. Camp out in the snow
1242. Hold up an attention-getting sign outside the “Today Show” window
1243. Be old enough to get a birthday greeting from the President and Willard Scott
1244. Get Donald Trump to autograph this book
1245. Hop on board a train to who knows where
1246. cop a plea
1247. top someone’s best line
1248. Have an out-of-body experience
1249. Be hypnotized
1250. let someone else win
1251. Hit a home run over the Green Monster in Fenway Park
1252. Get backstage
1253. Shear a sheep
1254. Spend the day with a fireman
1255. Spend the day observing an emergency room
1256. Spend the day with a cop on his beat
1257. Outfox Letterman
1258. Perform a same-sex wedding ceremony
1259. Scale a fish
1260. Master singing scales