Items 541 – 900

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2014

541. attend an art opening
542. eschew the boring
543. follow your bliss
544. married or not, go on a honeymoon
545. hit the road
546. teach English as a second language
547. catch a snowflake on your tongue
548. walk knee-deep in maple leaves
549. tear down a wall, literal or otherwise
550. take a four year old to the zoo
551. say something profound on a billboard
552. go fishin’
553. invent a new word and spread it around
554. inhale
555. beat the odds
556. exact your feelings
557. sit on more laps
558. don’t take the day off; take two
559. overtip the barber at some odd time of the year
560. do nothing
561. hire a caterer to deliver dinner to your home for a week
562. catch a falling star
563. see a rodeo
564. stay on a bucking bronco
565. teach your dog to sing
566. commit
567. soak in a hot tub
568. become the president of something
569. show up
570. slow up

571. shut up
572. have a long, slow dance with a stranger
573. write your own obituary
574. pay your respects on the beaches at Normandy
575. have someone feed you a succulent pomegranate
576. get a really good foot massage
577. cut off a bad relationship
578. chuckle
579. introduce someone to Bach, Bruckeck, or the Beatles
580. change your mind
581. learn some birdcalls
582. have something public named after you
583. rally the troops
584. learn the difference between early and late
585. take up knitting
586. take your time
587. frame all your accomplishments
588. congratulate and praise lots more people
589. smell the flowers, the cooking, the rain, and the sweat
590. tell the truth, especially when it’s hard
591. inscribe a book
592. have delusions of grandeur
593. be gainfully self-employed
594. lie on the couch and feed bonbons to your lover
595. be a big brother or sister to a kid
596. find the needle in the haystack
597. check in with a lover from your past
598. chop wood
599. close the bar
600. dance till dawn

601. watch the sun rise on a Hawaiian isle
602. see the jungle when it’s wet with rain
603. bake brownies
604. drink an egg cream made with Fox’s u-bet
605. try Hatha Yoga
606. read the relaxation response
607. stop complaining, stop explaining
608. learn to carve a turkey like a chef
609. buck the odds
610. fly upside down
611. Rise to the occasion
612. Twirl a basketball on one finger
613. get past twenty push-ups
614. see how far you can swim underwater
615. push a fat boulder off a cliff
616. set your sights higher
617. hug and kiss your relatives a lot more
618. own a king-size bed
619. move
620. take a walk in the woods at night when it’s snowing
621. write what you remember before you forget
622. attend the winter solstice, or any Paul Winter concert
623. learn to juggle more then three balls
624. pull quarters from someone’s ear
625. hang up on an unwanted caller
626. spend a couple of days going to shows in London
627. baby-sit
628. plan the perfect crime and sell it to Hollywood as a screenplay
629. compete on “Jeopardy”
630. live primitively

631. shed nonessentials
632. be silent for a week
633. follow the yellow brick road
634. flaunt it
635. consort with cosmopolitans
636. be a die-hard fan
637. attend a little league game
638. take a cross-country train ride
639. have yourself paged at Madison Square Garden
640. bet with a bookie
641. play croquet
642. play badminton
643. retire gracefully
644. write an anonymous letter
645. tend bar
646. wheedle a press pass
647. listen to all of Frank Sinatra’s recordings
648. jam with the remaining Beatles
649. build a log cabin
650. make pancakes
651. name your body parts
652. sip Jack Daniel’s
653. sing your own rendition of “Fever”
654. keep a journal
655. wine and dine someone who deserves it
656. organize a potluck supper
657. buy a perfect tomato from a farm stand and eat it like an apple
658. build the perfect fire
659. do some work for habitat for humanity
660. write a letter to your congressperson

661. attend a town meeting
662. get involved
663. appear in a music video
664. bake the best apple pie
665. grow the largest pumpkin
666. raise ribbon-winning livestock
667. give a friend a copy of your favorite novel
668. start a wave at the stadium
669. be the clown in the dunking booth
670. finish school
671. be more persuasive
672. take a tour of movie stars’ homes
673. ride the circle line around Manhattan
674. ride a cable car in San Francisco
675. Sail a yacht down the Miami Intercoastal
676. Board the river tour in Chicago
677. Tear a phone book in half with your bare hands
678. Ride a merry-go-round
679. Have your own carnival stand
680. Eat salt water taffy and cotton candy
681. Sing Christmas carols around the middle of August
682. Stop making New Year’s resolutions
683. Arrange sweet surprises
684. Write the ending
685. Live without a phone for a full seven days
686. Overcome your most dreaded fear
687. Learn to play bridge
688. Admit that it’s too hard and try again
689. Hold out until he, she, or it gets it right
690. Eat, drink, and be very merry

691. Bask in the glow of praise
692. Give something wonderful anonymously
693. Leave someone a surprise in your will
694. Add a codicil to your will that tells people why you love them
695. Have only one or two credit cards
696. Know the best public restrooms in major cities
697. Read the Bible as history and literature
698. Collect large African insects
699. Collect autographs
700. Climb way up in a weeping willow or old copper beech tree
701. Listen to whales
702. Make some mean old sourpuss laugh
703. Have a great bumper sticker
704. Perfect your pet impersonations
705. Listen to the original Jerky Boys tape
706. Sit on the fifty-yard line at the Super Bowl
707. Get to at least one opening day of baseball
708. Realize it’s not un-American to hate baseball
709. Write out your wish list
710. Have an epic interest in people
711. Practice smiling
712. have a hideout
713. Have your favorite books bound in leather
714. Be known for your toasts
715. Go on a Safari
716. Write “If only I had…” on a piece of paper and flush it down the toilet
717. Hang a spoon from your nose
718. Keep an aquarium
719. Share the wealth
720. Get good at black and white photography

721. Come of age
722. Get a bit part on a TV sitcom or a starring role in a primetime reality show
723. Have your portrait painted in oils
724. Try group therapy and don’t hold back
725. Say good-bye to your therapist
726. Take everything off your desk and start all over
727. Separate from your significant other for one month
728. Buy a sarong
729. Write a personal note on every Christmas card
730. Have a cookout that ends with S’mores
731. Put twenty bucks in the slots or on a nag
732. Tell ghost stories in a pitch-black room
733. Address the United Nations
734. Hang a prism
735. Feed and shelter the homeless
736. Visit the sick
737. Ride in a cherry picker
738. Swing from limb to limb
739. Go to a bed-and-breakfast one week from today
740. write or paint directly from your subconscious
741. Turn off all the lights and slow dance on the porch
742. Leave love notes in large print
743. Tango
744. Plan the dreams you want to have when you’re asleep
745. Always be too young to take up golf
746. Take up golf
747. Stretch every muscle every day
748. Eat your vegetables
749. Unearth an amazing archaeological discovery
750. Enjoy the moment without expecting it to last

751. Appreciate gray hair
752. Coin a phrase
753. Don’t get soft
754. Visit an ice cream truck
755. Vote for equal rights every time
756. Develop your own recipe for chili
757. Listen to Bessie Smith
758. Make your own lunch
759. Wear a scarlet A and see what happens
760. Proclaim a holiday
761. Say things like “eureka,” “hallelujah,” and “balderdash”
762. Prophesy prosperity
763. Dance down the staircase like Fred Astaire
764. Perform one of Houdini’s tricks
765. Shed your inhibitions two-by-two
766. Shout “Bravo” at the end of a good movie
767. Develop an air of mystery
768. Mend a broken heart
769. Have phone sex
770. Prick pretentiousness and snobbery
771. Get a gold tooth, or have it capped
772. Own an expensive diamond
773. Write a long stream-of-consciousness note to yourself
774. Yell like Tarzan and howl like a coyote
775. Permit yourself to like a piece of art without knowing why
776. Figure out how to make enough money
777. Have only one PIN number
778. Express absurd opinions seriously and see who listens
779. Teach leadership
780. Compete in a potato sack race

781. Overdo a good thing
782. Eat dessert first
783. Attend an outdoor bluegrass festival
784. Learn to play a fiddle or ukulele
785. Have a closet lined in cedar
786. Improve your doodles
787. Have a booth at a flea market
788. Install a skylight over your bed
789. Have a fireplace or a wood stove
790. Join the polar bear club
791. Till a field
792. Date a supermodel
793. Improve something in the world besides yourself
794. Take a natural vacation at a nudist colony
795. Get paid what your are worth and vice versa
796. Send dozens of postcards for no particular reason
797. Finish a game of Risk
798. Write a long, interesting letter to faraway friends
799. Grow a handlebar mustache or mutton chops
800. Stop at a cathedral at night when it’s empty
801. talk with your mouth full
802. Get a facial
803. Risk saying no more often
804. *69 someone
805. Live in a yurt or a tepee for a while
806. Join a volunteer fire department
807. Climb the cone of a volcano
808. cut the cord and, if necessary, the apron strings
809. Get to know your neighbors
810. Have a vegetable garden

811. Print your motto on your personal checks
812. Watch a building being demolished or blown up
813. Slide down the brass fire pole
814. Reinvent the wheel
815. Imagine the most pleasurable ……(fill-in-the-blank)
816. Dive off a cliff into the water
817. Go back to your grade school and see if you can climb the rope to the top
818. Use a chain saw and a wood chipper
819. Know the difference betwee aa and pahoehoe
820. Drink the milk from a coconut with a straw
821. Love to loaf, loaf to live, and live to to loaf
822. embrace chaos
823. Accept ambiguity
824. Have enough to retire gracefully
825. Walk across a suspension bridge
826. Ask to spend the night in jail
827. Swim with the sharks
828. Thwart a mugger
829. Have five or six shower heads
830. Keep meetings short and productive
831. cut your own name in stone so it will last forever
832. climb every mountain
833. Ford every stream
834. Be a colonel in the war on poverty
835. Take the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
836. Get a doctorate
837. Take a course at or get a degree from Harvard
838. Get out of debt
839. Wear silk pajamas
840. Get into the highest tax bracket

841. One day spend $1000 in cash on at least six things
842. Show off your fifty-yard-line tickets for the Army-Navy game
843. Throw your own tailgate party
844. Be nimble, spry, lithe, and elastic
845. Run a personal ad
846. Drop ten pounds
847. travel around the world by sailboat
848. Be known as a heretic
849. Think of sex as a gourmet dinner
850. Pursue the one you love
851. Develop a taste for Scotch, Profofiev, or Pynchon
852. Give a keynote address
853. Fall asleep counting your blessings
854. Execute a perfect Chevy Chase pratfall
855. Be in a chase scene
856. Fence
857. Mambo
858. Learn to use a gun, but never have to
859. Get good-really good-at pool and darts
860. Bowl a 300
861. Wander in the Scottish heather
862. Weave
863. Audition for a part in Oklahoma!
864. Whale watch
865. See the Loch Ness monster
866. Find a masterpiece at a garage sale
867. Meet your lover at the door wearing nothing but Saran Wrap
868. Ride a winged horse
869. Grow long hair
870. Win an apology and a fat refund from the IRS

871. Be a pen pal
872. Bring back, and update, the Roman orgy
873. Water-ski in your bare feet
874. Take a child with you to cut down a Christmas tree on a a snowy night
875. See Stonehenge and join the Druids
876. Hit the bell at a carnival
877. Ride a motorcycle south on US 1 in California
878. Read Rainer Maria Rilke
879. Address the nation
880. Administer the Heimlich maneuver successfully
881. Float
882. Introduce two people who soon get married
883. Profess your loves and hates
884. Comfort the afflicted
885. Hire someone to wrap all your Christmas presents
886. Ward off an invasion
887. Enjoy at least one bad habit
888. Hike in the Swiss Alps
889. Enter a Pro-Am tournament
890. Pan for gold
891. Go down into a coal mine
892. Depose a witness
893. Exorcise demons
894. Partake in a demonstration
895. Abolish the death penalty
896. Make a list of all your desires
897. Have an architect design the house in your head
898. Reach the peak of Kilimanjaro
899. Play detective
900. Walk on stilts