Items 1981-2001

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2018

1981 Teach the dog to bring in the paper
1982 Acquire meaningful Christmas ornaments
1983 Draw up a living will
1984 Eat less fat
1985 Eat more fat
1986 Free a political prisoner
1987 Cuddle infants with AIDS
1988 Volunteer at a cancer ward
1989 Save your soul
1990 Buy this book
1991 Count up everything in these pages you’ve already done
1992 Have one original thought
1993 Contribute to world peace
1994 Live
1995 Indoor Skydive
1996 Hug a Redwood Tree
1997 Stand under a Waterfall
1998 Make an Origami Animal
1999 A Cirque du Soleil Show
2000 Find a Pearl in an Oyster
2001 Ride on one of the Largest Roller Coasters