Items 181 – 540

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2013

181. dance in the gazebo while on The Sound of Music tour in Salzburg
182. Ice-skate by candlelight at midnight

183. stay at a Spanish parador
184. bathe in the Ganges
185. sit in first class
186. have a truly amazing one-night stand
187. Bottle your own preserves
188. become a Monty Python expert
189. buy a $100 bottle of wine and share it with your oldest friends
190. grow a beard
191. shave off your beard
192. ski by torchlight
193. provoke
194. have a local restaurant deliver breakfast in bed for two
195. hire a violinist to play while you and a loved one have dinner
196. send someone a “just thinking of you” card
197. read Lady Chatterley’s Lover
198. have your palm or tarot cards read
199. walk on the beach in winter
200. grow an amaryllis
201. don’t shave for a few days
202. order yourself a birthday cake
203. smoke a big fat cigar
204. rearrange all the furniture in you living room
205. stomp some grapes in Tuscany
206. leave your umbrella and take a walk in the summer rain
207. have a designer create your personal stationery
208. have someone else clean your place from top to bottom
209. call a radio station and dedicate a song to your mom
210. take a bateau ride on the seine

211. go someplace where you will see a moose, a bear, or a golden eagle in the wild
212. shoot the rapids
213. be the guest of honor at your own party
214. build a birdhouse
215. talk a cop out of a ticket
216. mosh
217. watch a baby being born
218. go to a religious revival
219. boogie-board
220. indulge your most private fantasy
221. wear a fez, turban, or fedora
222. trek the himalayas with a sherpa
223. dress up like santa claus and play it to the hilt
224. read or listen closely to “I Have a Dream”
225. perform a citizen’s arrest
226. memorize the Gettysburg Address
227. vote
228. see a bullfight
229. rethink your stance on abortion
230. find out what auld lange syne really means
231. plan the perfect April Fools Day prank
232. become a Scrabble champ
233. win an argument
234. let someone else win an argument
235. adopt a kitten, a skunk, or a greyhound
236. try on your partner’s clothes
237. drive a Maserati
238. call your mother
239. get call waiting
240. get rid of call waiting

241. learn the names of ten constellations
242. have a bowl of Corn Pops or Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch
243. buy a star and have it named for someone
244. ride an elephant
245. write your own National Enquirer article
246. plant a tree
247. get your hair cornrowed
248. make your own beer
249. dye your hair
250. be the protagonist of your life
251. throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi in Rome
252. finish your dissertation
253. ride a gondola in Venice
254. see a live performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
255. take a helicopter ride over New York City
256. go wine-tasting in Sonoma County, California
257. change your first name
258. clean up your room
259. roast marshmallows in your backyard
260. go to an Italian opera
261. learn sign language
262. make paper dolls
263. fly a kite
264. swallow your pride
265. visit Ayers Rock in Australia
266. toast your father for no particular reason
267. spend a week at a spa
268. Kiss the Blarney Stone
269. sing and dance with gypsies
270. take the last train to Clarksville

271. pick, then bob for apples
272. clam with your feet
273. learn the names of ten plants that grow in the wild, and be able to identify them
274. forage-eat nothing but food grown in the wild-for one weekend
275. inspire someone
276. meet, and really speak to, three genuine eccentrics
277. send everyone you know a valentine
278. make a giant chocolate chip cookie
279. give a rousing or moving speech
280. go night-swimming in a light rain
281. watch a drive-in movie naked
282. learn a new word every day for a whole summer
283. memorize the name of the play “the Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade
284. watch kittens being born
285. scream as loud as you can
286. memorize “who’s on first”
287. question your sexuality
288. question your faith
289. question your values
290. question your lawyer
291. renew your vows
292. drive a bus
293. write to an athlete, writer, celebrity, or political figure you particularly admire
294. run the Boston Marathon
295. ride a camel in the Negev Desert
296. Sketch the ocean on a deserted beach
297. pilot a Lear Jet
298. plan an entire solo weekend
299. compose a steamy love letter
300. give someone a pedicure

301. play a game of Strip Monopoly
302. restore an old house
303. rent and operate a bulldozer
304. quit smoking
305. consult a plastic surgeon
306. have bookcases built in
307. get remarried
308. impress the boss
309. make chocolate chip pancakes
310. stay at Balmer’s Herberge in Switzerland
311. line dance or hand-jive
312. be frivolous
313. travel the globe
314. interview your grandparents about their childhoods
315. research your family tree
316. invest in the stock market
317. write a haiku
318. speak in haiku
319. train a seeing-eye dog
320. learn the second stanza of “the Star Spangled Banner”
321. plan a picnic for one
322. predict the next big thing
323. Win an Olympic medal
324. write a great novel
325. live in Tangiers
326. have a house on the ocean
327. be a star
328. retire young
329. have a long, warm, serious talk with your folks
330. win a trophy

331. sing the “hallejujah” chorus in the shower
332. be an expert witness
333. mediate a dispute
334. perfect your yodel
335. change jobs
336. plead innocent to a speeding ticket
337. mend fences
338. memorize all the dialogue of your favorite movie
339. master auto mechanics
340. love more than once
341. snowmobile
342. dance with glee
343. invite your employees home for dinner
344. write your memoirs
345. take a Chinese cooking class
346. pierce something on your body
347. get a tattoo
348. remove your tattoo
349. achieve washboard abs
350. slide down a banister
351. live beyond your means
352. witness a miracle
353. splurge at Tiffany’s
354. race in the Iditarod
355. rent a Virgin Island
356. attend a Hollywood premier
357. quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys
358. be a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader
359. surf the net
360. spend a weekend at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City

361. box
362. solve a mystery
363. have a signature color
364. have a Halloween bonfire with hot apple cider
365. design a garden
366. memorize the prologue of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Middle English
367. keep track of love
368. write your own vows
369. hike the entire Appalachian Trail
370. take a wine-tasting course
371. be the “It” girl of your generation
372. sew a quilt
373. rediscover your lover’s body
374. attend a school reunion
375. run for office
376. shave your head
377. eat a vegemite sandwich
378. write your name in wet cement
379. learn to play Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto
380. conduct a symphony orchestra
381. be the Grand Marshal in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade
382. win an election
383. chair a board
384. write a play
385. dance at your grandchild’s wedding
386. dance at your great-grandchild’s wedding
387. learn to eat rice with chopsticks
388. learn to whistle with two fingers
389. make the perfect souffle
390. rescue someone

391. make angels in the snow
392. watch a hummingbird
393. walk an elderly person across the street
394. bicycle through Amsterdam
395. take a milk bath
396. burn sandalwood incense
397. play with puppies
398. bare your soul to a stranger
399. debate deconstructionism, Sartre, objectivism, and the definition of art, preferably in a smoky café
400. drink mulled wine on a snowy night in Prague
401. create your own comic strip
402. lie naked on a wide open field beneath a brilliant moon
403. record your dreams
404. make a photo album or collage for your best friend
405. Travel by bus in Central or South America
406. Witness a calf being born
407. Participate in a dance-a-thon
408. put your self on a pedestal
409. watch a professional belly dance
410. witness an Appalachian snake-handling ceremony
411. be delirious
412. have cybersex
413. write erotica
414. do a voice-over
415. go to a Gospel Mass
416. Learn how other cultures give birth
417. study how other cultures bury their dead
418. build a glorious, elaborate snow castle
419. build an enormous sandman
420. sing all the verses of “Amazing Grace”

421. nurse a sick bird back to health
422. see Shiprock at sunrise
423. Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on a big-screen tv
424. sink a hole-in-one
425. read the Bible
426. Read the Koran
427. Read between the lines
428. Read the Mayan Popol Vuh
429. Sleep on satin sheets
430. play Hamlet
431. see a ghost
432. have a tea party
433. witness a revolution
434. hit a home run
435. make paper snowflakes
436. put glow-in-the-dark stars and asteroids in your room
437. catch a butterfly, then let it go
438. protest something
439. levitate someone
440. have a séance
441. learn how to say “I love you” in ten different languages
442. learn to sing “happy birthday” in three languages
443. learn how to give a great back rub
444. deejay
445. be a clown at a children’s party
446. run through a fire hydrant or a sprinkler with your clothes on
447. be in a Calvin Klein or Snapple ad
448. get your name mentioned on national television
449. play stickball
450. play dress-up

451. seduce someone
452. get seduced
453. indulge
454. become an expert
455. be someone’s hero
456. have a mentor
457. be a mentor
458. adopt a whale
459. have high tea
460. sleep naked
461. Christmas carol with candles
462. dress up and have some brandy at a piano bar, preferably while Bobby Short performs
463. hang a hammock in your living room
464. send your dog to your neighbor’s house with a message attached to his collar
465. submit your manuscript
466. send a message in a bottle
467. study pebbles
468. smile at someone on the subway
469. collect seashells
470. collect scrimshaw
471. build an igloo
472. skate a perfect figure-eight
473. spin the perfect yarn
474. spin a child
475. learn to love wrinkles
476. harmonize
477. sleep on sun-dried sheets
478. take a few weeks off and read all of Remembrance of Things Past
479. Pay off your mortgage
480. buy a car with cash

481. get quoted in a major magazine
482. be on the cover of Time
483. tour the Rockies in a recreational vehicle (RV)
484. stay an extra day
485. wear a disguise
486. create something that will still be admired in the next century
487. donate something anonymously to a very needy cause
488. visit the house where you were born
489. spend the winter holidays in Austria or Switzerland
490. start a conversation with a stranger
491. work at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving
492. blow bubble gum bubbles
493. blow soap bubbles in the office
494. play the harmonica at work
495. follow the precept that the best things in life are free
496. burn the bridges to the troublesome parts and people of your life
497. stop complaining
498. organize a family reunion
499. cultivate lust in your heart
500. rethink those seven deadly sins
501. adopt a highway
502. chase rainbows
503. write thank-you notes when it isn’t necessary
504. become the best friend of a rich celebrity
505. figure out how to get invited to the White House
506. send a long letter to the Pope
507. carry someone else’s burden
508. arrange a sabbatical for yourself
509. have all your old home movies converted to one long nostalgic video
510. color with crayons

511. see how high you can swing
512. impress your friends with a one-armed push-up
513. fingerpaint
514. record something to be played or read at your funeral
515. develop a new signature
516. throw a surprise party
517. admit that you don’t know
518. play in a jug band
519. start a tradition
520. wear a feather boa to work
521. Predict a trend
522. wear a boa constrictor around your neck
523. learn the Rocky Horror Picture Show routine by heart
524. pay Santa for a needy family at Christmas
525. Dance the hora
526. visit a Biosphere
527. write a fan letter
528. travel Magellan’s exact route around the world
529. Eat a hot tamale
530. run a used-book store
531. climb the highest summits on all seven continents
532. enjoy strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
533. try out for a professional sports team
534. write a rap song
535. have a bluejean-drive and then send truckloads to Central America
536. throw petals at your wedding instead of rice
537. drive a humvee through the woods
538. propose with a painting or a pet instead of a ring
539. throw a shower for a single friend
540. start a newsletter