Items 1621 – 1770

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2017

1621 Stop daydreaming and seek your fortune
1622 Vary the seating
1623 Read all the stuff that comes home from school
1624 Encourage enterprise
1625 Reach out and touch someone
1626 Start with the air you breathe and list all the good things in your life
1627 Relive those thrilling days of yesteryear
1628 Get eight hours of sleep every night
1629 Lead, follow, or get out of the way
1630 Live without a cell phone
1631 Drive a pickup that is at least fifteen years old
1632 Apprentice yourself to a cabinetmaker
1633 Be Woody Allen’s therapist
1634 Send cartons of goodies to kids at camp
1635 Make a clambake happen
1636 Charm a snake
1637 See the Taj Mahal
1638 Perform a riff with Wynton marsalis
1639 Stop a mall from being built
1640 Raise emus
1641 Have a private master class with Baryshnikov
1642 Barrel down Niagara Falls
1643 Serve prosciutto with melon at your next affair
1644 Dance in Red Square at midnight
1645 Surprise someone with Swedish fish
1646 Benchpress your weight
1647 Put flowers on the untended grave of a stranger
1648 Join the Wrigley Field Bleacher Bums for one day and root for the Cubs
1649 Dress up and go trick or treating
1650 Locate and call a childhood friend you haven’t communicated with in at least twenty years

1651 Listen to the Top 5 pop, rock, and country singles
1652 Try being a vegan
1653 Be caricatured in a Barnes & Noble ad
1654 Own a kooky umbrella
1655 View the complete works of Fellini – in Italy
1656 Write all that you remember of your family history for the next generations
1657 Have your own talk show
1658 Ride a swan boat in Boston Commons
1659 Invite all of the childhood friends you can find to a reunion at your residence
1660 Send a friend flowers for no particular reason on no special day
1661 Go to a professional football game and cheer for everyone on both teams
1662 Play ghost in the graveyard on a summer night
1663 Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper praising someone in public life
1664 set up an annual award honoring your favorite teacher
1665 Find your favorite childhood book and read it to a child
1666 Take an incapacitated neighbor to vote
1667 Participate in a Neighborhood Watch Program
1668 Search for the bullion of the Huachuca Canyon gold
1669 Spend at least two hours of quality time a day with your dog
1670 Identify a tree’s age by counting the rings on its trunk
1671 Splurge on courtside, season tickets to the Lakers
1672 Detect a forgery
1673 Find a Hirschfeld and look for the Ninas
1674 Volley with Serena Williams
1675 Sing along with Andy Williams to “Moon River”
1676 Break the tape at a triathlon
1677 Debut at the Grand Ole Opry or the Apollo
1678 Get published in Harper’s
1679 Root for the return of the Horn and Hardhardt Automat
1680 Become and Avon Lady – or Gentleman

1681 Sing at a wedding
1682 Go back and spend the night at your old sleepaway camp
1683 Become so good at white water rafting that you can be a guide on the most difficult rivers
1684 skate the lead in the Ice Capades
1685 Be a write-in on the ballot
1686 design a musical instrument
1687 sponsor a needy child
1688 travel the world by reading
1689 celebrate your hairdresser at the Barbering Hall of Fame
1690 start your own cosmetics line
1691 learn to recognize iambic pentameter
1692 overcome adversity
1693 survive
1694 comfort the afflicted
1695 make a weekly visit to your local library
1696 compete in the Elephant Polo Tournament in Nepal
1697 skitch
1698 turn out the lights and watch Wait Until Dark
1699 be a Beatnik, Hippie, Punk, or Rude Boy
1700 Tell your children you were a Beatnik, Hippie, Punk, or Rude Boy
1701 gather up your friends for a quilting bee
1702 learn to throw your voice
1703 climb the slippery slope
1704 have bangers and mash
1705 compose a fairy tale
1706 act out a fairy tale
1707 be ringmaster for a day at Ringling Brothers
1708 be the person who pulls or announces the Lotto numbers on TV
1709 bounce at the Viper Room
1710 Dust off them blue suede shoes

1711 ably describe honky-tonk, ska, and high-lonesome
1712 weave your way through the loopholes
1713 get a full-body tan
1714 have your monograph published
1715 make the first string
1716 make Donny Osmond serenade you with “Puppy Love
1717 devise your own definition of beauty
1718 spend a day watching the entire Rocky, Star Wars, or Friday the 13th collection
1719 portage a canoe
1720 have your own website
1721 read a big, thick Russian novel
1722 apprehend a drug lord
1723 amaze your friends by memorizing all the US vice presidents
1724 get Botox
1725 attend a rave
1726 gather a bunch of friends for a Halloween hayride
1727 jet-ski in choppy waters
1728 raise ants, bees, or worms
1729 frame all your past and present business cards
1730 hang mistletoe in August
1731 be able to explain a hedge fund, risk arbitrage, and a mutal fund
1732 learn to communicate with animals
1733 hang out with a revolutionary
1734 rappel
1735 be there when the drill hits a gusher
1736 learn to love words like Nabokov
1737 live within your means
1738 beat an incurable disease
1739 interview JD Salinger and ask him to tell you about his father, the butter and egg man
1740 release balloons in church

1741 put a scavenger hunt in your will
1742 quote Derrida, Foucault, or Berra
1743 cross the international dateline and get to yesterday
1744 have an advice column
1745 befriend a shaman, mystic, or priestess
1746 show intimations of immortality
1747 improve your intuition
1748 scat like a pro
1749 hit the jackpot
1750 be a painter’s model
1751 play in the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
1752 swoon over a star
1753 appreciate the larceny in your heart
1754 leak a really hot story
1755 ride a camel to the Pyramids
1756 stake a claim
1757 astound the doubters
1758 outfox the dealers at an auction
1759 cook dinner in the fireplace
1760 get your name in a gossip column
1761 see Michelangelo’s David
1762 get your teeth whitened
1763 shake hands with the President of the United States
1764 Dance in the Mardi Gras parade in Rio
1765 go to a prize fight in Vegas
1766 take a Jello bath
1767 follow the Oregon Trail in true pioneer fashion
1768 sunbathe topless
1769 reach Nirvana
1770 be a game show contestant