Items 1261 – 1620

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2016

1261. Memorize people’s scents
1262. Allow yourself to be awestruck
1263. Blast the Third movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
1264. Understate the obvious
1265. Emphasize the subtle
1266. Play hopscotch with kids
1267. Buy a subscription to a flower-of-the-month club
1268. Buy a subscription to a wine-of-the-month club
1269. Send steaks and lobsters to someone
1270. Send lox to someone
1271. Send a Katz’s sausage to your children
1272. Cartwheel in the grass barefoot
1273. Transcend
1274. Absorb
1275. Wear your seatbelt
1276. Take the Meyer Briggs test and learn your psychological profile
1277. Share your umbrella with a stranger
1278. Tell the chef the pizza was perfect
1279. Learn to read music
1280. Drive a cab
1281. Volunteer at a hotline
1282. Spot people in clouds
1283. Build something entirely by yourself
1284. Perfect your Chaplin routine
1285. Read Rita Dove, WH Auden, Walk Whitman, and Leslie Marmon Silko
1286. Wrestle an alligator
1287. Start a sing-a-long, preferable “Twist and Shout” in an elevator
1288. Detox
1289. Study voodoo or Santeria
1290. Phone in to a radio talk show

1291 Take a flying lesson
1292 Take a flying leap
1293 Hire a personal shopper
1294 Wear stilettos
1295 Read, and live, the kama sutra
1296 Wear lipstick to bed (both of you)
1297 Hula-Hoop
1298 Break a tradition
1299 Pop a wheelie
1300 Picket something
1301 Buy the house a beer
1302 Buy everyone in the diner a cup of coffee
1303 Mesmerize
1304 teach an old dog new tricks
1305 Drink the healing waters on Margaret’s Island in Budapest
1306 Give the delivery man some coffee
1307 Get on the cover of a Wheaties box
1308 Charm
1309 Leave work early and take your family to dinner and a movie
1310 Train to be a flight attendant
1311 Read transgressive fiction
1312 Inhale helium before saying “I do”
1313 Eat one Raisinet at a time
1314 Videotape yourself eating and then play it backward
1315 Boogie on down
1316 Plant a whoopie cushion in the boardroom
1317 Be on “American Idol”
1318 Fill your bed with rose petals
1319 Leave loads of munchies for the the baby-sitter
1320 Listen to the sound of love
1321 Feel purple
1322 Taste green
1323 Reenact the love scene on the beach in From Here to Eternity
1324 Splurge on the wedding dress of your dreams
1325 Slip something past the censors
1326 Trust in yourself-not Dr. Phil, Wayne Dyer, or Deepak Chopra
1327 Catch Wayne Newton’s act in Vegas
1328 Stand the test of time
1329 Be Liz Taylor’s next
1330 Serve as a ball person at the US Open
1331 Get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop without biting
1332 Eat the peanut butter first in a reeses
1333 Pay your dues assiduously
1334 Study the Talmud
1335 Interview a celebrity
1336 Rescue a kitten from a burning building
1337 Get a precise and expensive haircut
1338 Take a mineral bath at Saratoga Springs
1339 Paint your toenails
1340 Spit off the Eiffel Tower
1341 Solve the mind-body problem
1342 Allow yourself to feel patriotic
1343 Be known as a citizen of the world
1344 Compete in a soap-box derby
1345 Make your own pizza
1346 Make a thermos full of margaritas and watch the fireworks
1347 Eat the mescal worm
1348 Donate blood
1349 Watch a meteor shower
1350 Read A Christmas Carol

1351 Be on “The Real World #….”
1352 Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
1353 Make a snow angel
1354 Make a snowman
1355 Build a snow fort
1356 Go off a rope swing into a lake
1357 Whistle back at construction workers
1358 Consider the lilies
1359 Eat a one-pound box of Godiva in one sitting without a smidgen of guilt
1360 Daydream for a whole day
1361 Shuffle like a croupier
1362 Arrange a big gabfest
1363 Tell fortunes
1364 Futz
1365 Operate heavy machinery
1366 Toast marshmallows
1367 Wear suspenders, garters, and a bow tie
1368 Have pickled herring with farmer’s bread
1369 Be entertained by a geisha
1370 Gavel them into silence
1371 Genuflect and bow your head
1372 Have a private audience with the Pope or the queen
1373 Tip your hat to all the women in town
1374 Embrace your gestalt
1375 Sleep with a ghost in the room
1376 Get around, get off, get away, get ahead, and get together
1377 Giddap
1378 Fly in a helicopter to the top of a mountain and hike back down
1379 Make hay while the sun shines
1380 Watch an egg hatch

1381 Fall head-over-heels in love
1382 Take part in heaven on earth
1383 Take a bus or train up into the Andes
1384 Drink champagne with a crazy straw
1385 visit the Galapagos
1386 Take the helm for awhile
1387 Take dance lessons at Arthur Murray
1388 Take leave of your senses
1389 Blow the foghorn
1390 Spend a night in a lighthouse
1391 Be more careful, especially around ladders
1392 Have a personal trainer
1393 Look cool in a six-foot stocking cap
1394 Open all the windows
1395 Play her with bonbons, poetry, and flowers
1396 Honor a local hero
1397 Get engaged at least once
1398 Ask him to marry you
1399 Take the SATs some years after college
1400 Sell Girl Scout cookies
1401 Study t’ai chi
1402 Construct a crossword puzzle and submit it to a newspaper
1403 Damn the torpedoes
1404 Deactivate a live bomb
1405 Spend the inheritance
1406 Have a ball and make it a masked one
1407 Select a wild creature for your personal totem
1408 Ignore minor infractions
1409 Join a cattle drive
1410 Rewrite it

1411 Ride shotgun in an armored van
1412 Attend the rehearsal for Judgement Day
1413 Count up your rites of passage
1414 Find the perfect recipe for risotto
1415 Organize an office sports tournament
1416 Flyfish the Battenkill in Vermont
1417 Cruise the backwoods of Vermont between Oct 7 and Oct 14
1418 Shatter the glass ceiling
1419 Imitate Groucho
1420 Stand on your very own soapbox
1421 Reread books from your childhood
1422 Be able to tie a granny, a bowline, a clove hitch, and a sheepshank
1423 Breathe deeply
1424 Start a rumor and see how fast it comes around
1425 Kiss people on both cheeks
1426 Watch the salmon run
1427 Salivate over something before digging in
1428 Try a Krispy Kreme fresh from the oven
1429 Create an annual family ritual of some kind
1430 Save up
1431 See a three-dimensional image on a scanning microscope
1432 Amaze
1433 Wear scanties
1434 Take it one day at a time
1435 Decide on a favorite color and a lucky number
1436 Spend a day at the track
1437 Brainstorm
1438 Laugh out loud
1439 Say something nice to the tolltaker
1440 Keep the Sabbath

1441 have a day of rest
1442 Wade in hip boots
1443 Perfect your Pig latin
1444 Leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus
1445 Make a memory quilt
1446 Research the subject you’ve always wanted to know about
1447 Marry a royal
1448 Snowshoe
1449 Suction-cup a birdfeeder on to the window
1450 Try exotic spices
1451 Lose yourself in the masses
1452 Fill a type tray with bits and pieces of your life
1453 See if acupuncture works for you
1454 Cure something
1455 Mud-wrestle
1456 Pause inside a covered bridge
1457 Share a pound of caviar
1458 Steal the show
1459 Let your hair down and the chips fall
1460 Play Spud
1461 Apply to go up in the Goodyear Blimp
1462 Make a reservation for a trip o the moon
1463 Read banned books
1464 Lay bricks
1465 Crew in a sailboat race
1466 Be clairvoyant
1467 Play with clay
1468 Recycle vigorously
1469 Take part in a raindance
1470 Compost

1471 Control the cost
1472 Watch beavers build a dam
1473 Ride in a dumbwaiter before they are extinct
1474 See a full eclipse
1475 Duck out of the rat race
1476 Appreciate love handles
1477 Study the lessons of history
1478 Contemplate your navel
1479 Touch your elbows behind your back
1480 Touch your tongue to your nose
1481 Be an informed source
1482 Rent a jukebox
1483 Show up for jury duty
1484 Make fun of the Ku Klux Klan
1485 Get yourself a vanity license plate
1486 Take a lie detector test
1487 Change your lifestyle
1488 Eat real key lime pie
1489 Practice reading lips
1490 Lend money with no questions asked
1491 Watch your favorite childhood movie with your son or daughter
1492 Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it
1493 Massage someone’s ego
1494 Learn first aid
1495 Have a method to your madness
1496 Moped in Bermuda
1497 Snorkel in St John
1498 Come home for a nooner
1499 Go deep
1500 Navigate the shoals

1501 Crew on a sloop
1502 Assess your needs
1503 Accept mortality, but live forever
1504 Negotiate a better deal
1505 network
1506 Clip coupons
1507 Nurse someone back to health
1508 Join the Peace Corps
1509 Hire a private detective
1510 Share the profits
1511 Needlepoint your favorite proverb
1512 Pump iron
1513 Rethink first impressions
1514 Set up a scholarship
1515 Shingle a roof
1516 Read the fine print
1517 Supplement your income
1518 Barter your skills
1519 Find a buried treasure
1520 Spot one of America’s Most Wanted
1521 Win on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”
1522 Grow wildfowers
1523 Clean up the mess
1524 Give up being perfect
1525 Understand the sound of one hand clapping
1526 Restore your grandparents’ wedding photo
1527 Bathe in the lap of luxury
1528 Be childlike, not childish
1529 Lay it on the line for the sake of principle
1530 Read bedtime stories

1531 Read the Beatitudes
1532 Win an amateur photography competition
1533 Caveat emptor
1534 Blow off the obsequious
1535 Jump out of the cake
1536 Know the way out and way in
1537 Consider the opposite
1538 Orbit the earth
1539 Go undercover with a tape recorder
1540 Wear a virtual reality helmet
1541 Allow yourself an outburst
1542 Sing in a glee club, a capella group, or barbershop quartet
1543 Come from behind
1544 Defy gravity
1545 Pledge money to public television or radio
1546 Master a kinky technique
1547 Meet the love of your life’s ex, and shake his or her hand and say “thank you”
1548 Chase a tornado
1549 Memorize “Jabberwocky”
1550 Buy a sex toy
1551 Experience Brazilian Carnaval
1552 Fall in love on public transportation
1553 Red Kerouac, Ginsberg, Corso, and Burroughs
1554 Play bebop
1555 Live in a Soho loft
1556 Coin a great label for a generation
1557 Make homemade tortillas
1558 Tell everyone special to you that you love them
1559 Attend the tulip festival in Seattle
1560 Spend a few days in a place where you are the minority

1561 Understand what loneliness really means
1562 Make everything in your life a crescendo
1563 Be a superhero
1564 Get to the Final Frontier on the Star Trek pinball game
1565 Have Don Ho play the ukelele at your very own luau
1566 Go up the down escalator
1567 Buy the best seat in the house for a play with great reviews
1568 Roll down a small hill
1569 Go sleighriding
1570 Rotate the tires, or the Rollerblade wheels
1571 Hustle
1572 Master grilling techniques
1573 Quarrel calmly
1574 Drop names
1575 Ask for a raise
1576 Give raises
1577 Saunter, slither, or sashay
1578 Use a two-person saw
1579 Scavenge dumpsters for their treasures
1580 RSVP
1581 Be known for your baking
1582 Sell out if the price is right and you’re happy
1583 Be serious
1584 Keep a stiff upper lip
1585 Let your hair down and the chips fall
1586 Keep your ear to the ground
1587 Stick your neck out
1588 Save your leftovers and give them to the hungry
1589 Have press credentials
1590 Sin no more

1591 Appear on a soap opera
1592 Soap up your partner
1593 Offer solace
1594 Soothe a wounded ego
1595 Sponsor a team, a race car, or a fundraising event
1596 Invest in a Broadway show
1597 Stand in as a double
1598 Be a stunt person and learn to fall off buildings
1599 Charge $300 an hour for your advice
1600 Scoop a major publication
1601 Streak the Junior League
1602 Resuscitate someone
1603 Exercise eight days a week
1604 Stroll the Champ-Elysees
1605 Have five minutes in the Oval Office
1606 Win a spelling bee
1607 Do lunch with —
1608 Pack the suggestion box with your ideas
1609 Surround yourself with trust
1610 Sit on the Supreme Court
1611 Buy a pair of leather pants
1612 See the good in those with whom you differ
1613 hear a newborn baby cry
1614 Listen to a sermon given by the Pope
1615 Mingle
1616 Know ecstasy
1617 Remember the seeds beneath the snow
1618 Bring up a moral child
1619 Create a story quilt
1620 Immerse yourself in another culture