Items 1 – 180

Items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997)

monthly lists posted in 2012

1. Be an extra in a movie
2. Learn the first 5 Amendments
3. see a green iceberg
4. See the aurora borealis from Denali
5. travel at warp speed
6. have dim sum for breakfast
7. milk a cow
8. donate some body parts
9. become an eccentric billionaire and run for president
10. rent an apartment on the Seine for 2 months
11. catch a foul ball at a professional baseball game
12. spelunk
13. win the Palme d’Or at Cannes
14. have multiple orgasms
15. drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
16. Pay for the next car at the tollbooth
17. memorize Hamlet’s What a piece of work is man” speech
18. skywrite a message to someone
19. reconstruct a dinosaur
20. pay off your school loans
21. organize a food drive for the needy
22. have your immigrant ancestors’ names engraved on a plaque at Ellis Island
23. get married at Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World
24. make a religious pilgrimage – to Mecca, Santiago de Compostela, Jerusalem, or Graceland
25. master the pregnant pause and a deadpan delivery
26. be a riot grrl
27. change your name to have all the letters in lowercase
28. flirt
29. pay your parents back for college
30. read Joyce’s Ulysses without a trot

31. hang glide in Chamonix
32. have pizza the way it was made in Bronx bars in the 1940s
33. watch the sun set on Santorini
34. Shake hands with someone famous
35. light a candle in the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Hall of Remembrance
36. Swim in each of the Seven Seas
37. Learn to drive a stick shift
38. master the art of letterwrtting
39. record a duet with Tony Bennett
40. Throw your panties at Tom Jones
41. crush a beer can with one hand
42. blow smoke rings
43. be able to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity
44. get a professional makeover
45. awake to the sounds of macaws or spider monkeys in a tropical rain forest
46. suddenly decide on and leave for a trip
47. crash a ritzy party
48. stay in bed all day
49. do something scandalous
50. testify before Congress
51. Give someone a reason to believe in God
52. Lobby
53. participate in a moonlight drum circle
54. start a Barbie collection
55. create a zine
56. build a tree house
57. attend a Star Trek convention
58. write a letter to the editor
59. swim in Icelandic hot springs at sundown
60. discover a new talent

61. decoupage a table
62. communicate without words
63. eat alligator
64. spend one month completely alone
65. spend one month without a car
66. spend one month with a television
67. spend one month without a radio
68. spend a day at a nursing home
69. play hide and seek with your partner
70. do an open-mike night
71. approach a stranger and ask him/her out
72. Clean out your closet and give your throwaway clothes and shoes to the poor
73. donate books
74. interview your friends on video camera
75. interview yourself on video camera
76. take a natural mud bath
77. read to children
78. listen to Mozart’s Requiem without interruption
79. Read Atlas Shrugged
80. Give a taxi driver some advice
81. write your high school teacher a thank you note
82. leave some cookies in your mailbox for the mailman
83. become familiar with duende
84. find the perfect Peking duck
85. wake up next to Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston
86. take an acting class
87. be a docent in a museum
88. Ski Tuckerman’s Ravine
89. fossil hunt
90. find a long, straight road and see how fast you can go

91. learn French, German, or Swahili
92. pogo stick with children
93. unicycle
94. ride an ostrich
95. spend a day with a toddler
96. volunteer at the monkey house at the zoo
97. ride the Coney Island Cyclone 3 times in a row
98. protect the innocent
99. paint polka dots on your sneakers
100. experience 1000 types of love
101. dry some flowers
102. have a tremendous, rollicking, soaking wet water pistol fight
103. prepare a 7 course meal for 10 of your closest friends
104. compete in the eco-challenge
105. scuba dive in the waters of Micronesia
106. go on a silent retreat
107. bust (perform for money) in a European country
108. ride in a dune buggy
109. attend a Democratic or Republican convention
110. protest a Democratic or Republican convention
111. start a new political party
112. crochet or knit a sweater
113. travel alone
114. parasail
115. bungee-jump off a bridge
116. finish a marathon (without throwing up)
117. horseback-ride on a Costa Rican beach at dawn, clothing optional
118. be the captain of a ship, a spaceship, or a submarine
119. go on a scientific expedition
120. teach someone to read

121. learn to sew
122. make you own bread
123. shoot a crossbow
124. read, understand, and memorize 3 poems
125. learn a new computer program
126. swallow a goldfish
127. own a velvet Elvis
128. Create an unforgettable ad campaign
129. Attend the Olympics
130. go paint balling
131. leave someone a $100 tip
132. Hot-air balloon over a desert
133. do Outward Bound
134. Haggle….and win
135. Invent or patent something
136. press some flowers
137. cut a demo tape at a recording studio
138. skinny-dip
139. go down the Snake River in a dory
140. fill a time capsule with magazines, CDs, photographs, letters, and t-shirts, then bury it
141. ride a boxcar for a couple of days
142. bake a rhubarb pie from scratch
143. learn to play an instrument
144. venture cross-country on a Harley
145. ride a bicycle built for two
146. catch fireflies
147. learn to sail
148. visit a synagogue
149. attend a Catholic mass
150. meditate with monks

151. fast for 3 days (just bread and water)
152. attend a Unitarian Universaltist service
153. win a Kewpie doll
154. see the Great Wall of China
155. actually listen to Jehovah’s Witness
156. swim with dolphins
157. get your photo taken in Katmandu
158. do a backflip on a trampoline
159. sea-kayak
160. run with the bulls in Pamplona
161. volunteer at a national park
162. paint your bedroom red, black, or hot pink
163. watch the Cartoon Network for 24 hours
164. spend some time with the Amish or the Mennoites
165. read Invisible Man
166. read Alice in Wonderland aloud
167. ride Space Mountain
168. see a laser light show at a planetarium
169. prepare a lobster dinner
170. read Dante’s Inferno
171. make your own ice cream
172. watch Spinal Tap
173. Invent an Identity
174. learn to say the alphabet backward
175. spend some time in a Third World country
176. surf
177. sit in a skybox at a sporting event
178. catch the bouquet
179. spend some time in Appalachia
180. roll your own sushi