2,001 Things to Do Before You Die

I am dividing up the list of items from “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997) into smaller pages. Then, when I write and/or photograph to check it off, I can link to that item number that I posted in a monthly list.

I did have it all on one page but I like breaking it down into smaller sections. I am thinking that after I have posted all items, to continue from other books and sites.I might re-organize into subject categories like: things to learn, eat, see, read, or go do. It is a wait-and-see if I feel like it, especially since there could end up being lots of categories or items might fit in a more than just one and I don’t know if I want duplicates.

As always, if you have ideas that I would be fun to add, please let me know.