Why I’m Doing This

The Inspiration: “2,001 Things to Do Before You Die” by Dane Sherwood (1997) which is “a checklist of all the things you always wanted to do but never took time to live out…”

The Mission: Each month make a list of about 30 items from the book. If I have done the item, they will get a post with a description (and photos) of the adventure.

The End Result: This should keep life from getting into a boring routine.


A Bit of Info of Me

– My name is Michele.
– My parents decided to spell my name with one L instead of two. This has caused some issues, because most people add more L’s back into both my first and last name.
– I LOVE living in California.
– I hope you enjoy this blog and get inspired from it, or learn something new.
– Feel free to write to me at: mchlspil@gmail.com

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