Friday Five: Things to Do {#16}

May 6, 2022

See the full list of items here.

I have created a spreadsheet listing all the cards in a deck and columns of things to do. Each week, I’ll pull out a card and see what things I should research and schedule on the calendar, or go do. I’m excited to give this new plan a try and see what new adventures I find myself doing.

  • In General: Hang a spoon from your nose
  • The Adventure Challenge Book: Today you are Banksy, and your street walls are a plain white T. You’re going to graffiti on one of your shirts and, once dried, wear it for a day. You can use multiple colors, write your name or spray paint Jeff Goldblum. As long as you spray it and wear it, that’s all that matter to us!
  • 1001 Movies to Watch: The English Patient
  • 1001 Things to do in Sacramento: Visit Bluestone Meadow Lavender Farm in Placerville to see the bloom in soft morning light.
  • Food & Drinks: Eat pufferfish sushi          
  • Bonus – Brewery to get a passport stamp: Super Owl Brewing

If there are any suggestions to add to the lists, I’d love to hear. Also, any tips you might have for ones that might require some research. If you have done, or want to do these too this year, I’d love to hear of your experience.

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