September 2021 Days to Celebrate

Found on Days of the Year, National Day Calendar, and Susan Boynton’s wall calendar. I may not celebrate all, but I like to be aware and at least honor these everyday holidays. (There are a lot more daily ones out there, not to mention the different weekly or monthly ones, those listed below are just the ones I am most interested in).

You can see what days I celebrate over on my Instagram page.

  1. National No Rhyme (nor reason) day, cherry popover, emma m nutt day, letter writing day
  2. world coconut day, national blueberry popsicle day, international cabernet savignon day
  3. national skyscraper day, national chianti day (1st Friday in sept)
  4. macadamia nut day, national wildlife day
  5. international bacon day, international day of charity
  6. labor day, read a book day
  7. national buy a book day, beer lover’s day, acorn squash day
  8. star trek day
  9. national teddy bear day
  10. swap ideas day, tv dinner day
  11. national make your bed day, patriot & national day of service & remembrance
  12. national chocolate milkshake day, national video games day
  13. national peanut day, fortune cookie day, positive thinking day, supernatural day
  14. eat a hoagie day, cream filled donut day
  15. cheese toast day, make a hat day, linguine day
  16. national guacamole day, national play-doh day,
  17. Constitution day, international country music day, national apple dumpling day, table shuffleboard day, monte cristo sandwich day, grenache day
  18. Oktoberfest, national cheeseburger day, international eat an apple day
  19. talk like a pirate day, national women’s friendship day
  20. national string cheese day
  21. international peace day, mini golf day
  22. autumnal equinox, elephant appreciation day
  23. international day of sign language, za-atar day, snack stick day
  24. national cherry jubilee day
  25. national one-hit wonder day, national quesadilla day
  26. national pancake day, johnny appleseed day
  27. ancestor appreciation day
  28. national drink beer day, international poke day
  29. national coffee day, world heart day
  30. hot mulled cider day, extra virgin olive oil day, mud pack day

What days will you be celebrating? Are there other days not on this list you will be participating in?

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