May 2021 Days to Celebrate

Most of these were found on Days of the Year, National Day Calendar, and Susan Boynton’s wall calendar. I may not celebrate all these everyday, but if I were, these were the ones I’ve picked from the list(s).

You can see what days I celebrate over on my Instagram page.

Kentucky Derby Day & Lei Day & May Day & Mother Goose Day

  1. International Harry Potter Day & Lemonade Day
  2. National Paranormal Day & National Two Different Colored Shoes Day & Garden Meditation Day
  3. star Wars Day
  4. Cinco de Mayo Day
  5. national crepe suzette day
  6. No Pants Day & Cosmopolitan Day
  7. National Coconut Cream Pie Day & National Have a Coke Day & National Train Day
  8. Mother’s Day & National Moscato Day
  9. National Shrimp Day & National Clean Up Your Room Day & Golf Day
  10. Eat What You Want Day & National Twilight Zone Day
  11. International Nurses Day & Limerick Day
  12. Frog Jumping Day & National Fruit Cocktail Day & Top Gun Day & Apple Pie Day & World Cocktail Day
  13. Dance Like a Chicken Day & National Buttermilk Biscuit Day & Shades (sunglasses) Day
  14. Chocolate Chip Day & Astronomy Day & World Whisky Day & Bring Flowers to Someone Day & Straw Hat Day
  15. National BBQ Day & National Love a Tree Day & National Mimosa Day
  16. National Walnut Day & Pack Rat Day & Work From Home Day & Pinot Grigio Day
  17. International Museum Day
  18. National Devils Food Cake Day
  19. World Bee Day
  20. National Strawberries & Cream Day & International Tea Day & World Mediation Day & Bike to Work Day
  21. Sherlock Holmes Day & Harvey Milk Day & National Craft Distillery Day & World Paloma Day
  22. World Turtle Day
  23. Tiara Day & National Scavenger Hunt Day
  24. National Wine Day & Towel Day
  25. National Paper Airplane Day & Dracula Day & World Lindy Hop Day
  26. National Grape Popsicle Day
  27. National Burger Day
  28. put a pillow in your fridge day
  29. Water a Flower Day
  30. Memorial Day

What days will you be celebrating? Are there other days not on this list you will be participating in?

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