May Check In / June Plans

It’s June already? Halfway through the year?

Not sure what happened. I wrote out my May plans and was all ready to start getting “new” things done and posted. And that was my last post? Guess it was all about going work and home, going to the grocery store as little as possible, take out a few times. Read more of the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. I did watch a few movies from the 1001 list. Pretty boring.

Things are opening with restrictions, and then we also have chaos happening. Let’s see if I can do more than just a recap/plan post for the month of June. Stay Safe everyone!

(read about my “Starting With a Dozen Each” here)

General Things to Do:

  1. note to self: Go back through photos and find memories to post
  2. 30 day exercise challenge
  3. do a wine cork craft project
  4. spring clean some (store items for a garage sale later)
  5. master the art of letter writing – write some letters
  6. listen to Mozart’s Requiem without interruption
  7. learn the names of ten constellations
  8. plan a picnic for one
  9. make the perfect souffle
  10. take up knitting
  11. listen to all of Frank Sinatra’s recordings
  12. Wear pajamas all day long

Music: current music challenge: “1001 Songs to Hear Before You Die”.
Trying to post on Mondays and listen to 20 songs each week.

Breweries, Cocktails, & Wineries: See posts over at “My Drinktopia”
Didn’t go to any in May. I should take a look at the cocktail list and be my own bartender to try some of those.

Movies: current movie challenge: “1001 Movies to Watch Before you Die”
New plan, I’m not going to list 12 at a time here anymore. You’ll see a list of the movies I had watched in May.

  1. The Big Short
  2. The Greatest Showman
  3. The Jungle Book (2016)

Books: current book challenge: “1001 Books to Read Before you Die”

Currently reading through the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (this series is probably on a list of top fantasies to read) I’ve read 5 of 14 books. I got really invested in the characters that I blew through the first 3 books pretty fast. I think I might start alternating one of these books with a classic one, because I would still like to read 12 of those for the year.

  • The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan (book 5 of the Wheel of Time series)
  • All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren

I’m always open to suggestions for any of these categories.

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