Movie Madness: Pan’s Labyrinth

Ongoing challenge: Watch all the 1001(+) Movies you Must Before You Die. Read about it, and find the full list here.

There are plenty of reviewers out there, and I don’t really feel like doing a in depth report. My plan is to find a short plot summary to share about the movie and give myself a short Q&A to complete crossing off the movie from the large list.
Title: Pan’s Labyrinth
El laberinto del fauno (original title)
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Release Year: 2006
Country: Spain
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, War

plot summary:
In 1944, in the post-Civil War in Spain, rebels still fight in the mountains against the Falangist troops. The young and imaginative Ofelia travels with her pregnant and sick mother Carmen Vidal to the country to meet and live with her stepfather, the sadistic and cruel Captain Vidal, in an old mill. During the night, Ofelia meets a fairy and together they go to a pit in the center of a maze where they meet a faun that tells that she is a princess from a kingdom in the underground. He also tells that her father is waiting for her, but she needs to accomplish three gruesome, tough and dangerous assignments first. Meanwhile, she becomes friend of the servant Mercedes, who is the sister of one of the rebels and actually is giving support to the group. In a dark, harsh and violent world, Ofelia lives her magical world trying to survive her tasks and sees her father and king again.
—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Questions & Answers type of review:
1. Would you watch this again? Once was enough
2. How did it make you feel? Sad
3. Did you learn anything from this movie? Not really
4. What aspects worked well, and which didn’t (think about writing, direction, cinematography, acting, editing and soundtrack)? It was well done and interesting. To me, it’s more artistic then an enjoyable to watch. I didn’t care much for the storyline.
5. ?

Please, let me know of any questions that would be good to add.

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