Try Eating It: Raw Oyster

I never thought I would voluntarily eat any seafood raw. As I have been “growing up” I have decided to give something a try, at least once.

Pretty sure, the first time I gave raw oysters a try was about 2003, my family went to Santa Barbara, California for a weekend trip.  I think it was my sister that got me to eat an oyster shooter (it was in a cocktail sauce). Went right down and I thought, not too bad. Since then, I have had more oyster shooters, bbq’d ones, and even plain and straight from the shell.

But, in order to check this experience off, for at least one of the times, I need to have a photo and write about it. (my rule)

In February 2020, I went with my mom to San Francisco, California for the day. She had an appointment in the city and wanted someone with her. For dinner, we treated ourselves by going to the Hog Island Restaurant. She had been before, but this was my first time. It’s located in the San Francisco Ferry Building. Really cool, gourmet foods place. Everything looked and smelled yummy.

I decided to get the oyster mix and a geoduck ceviche (I am glad I didn’t know what a geoduck clam looked like before trying, I probably would not have wanted the dish, even though it was yummy). My mom got clam chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich (which I had some). I made my mom try an oyster but she didn’t care much for it. Each oyster was from a different place. I could only tell a slight difference. Guess I need to eat more to refine my palate.

The oysters:

  • Hog Island Sweetwater (Tomales Bay, CA)
  • Chelesa Olympia (Eld Inlet, WA)
  • Dully’s (Pickering Passage, WA)
  • Glacier Point (Kachemak Bay, AK)
  • Wellfleet (Cape Cod, MA)
  • Crowes Pasture (Cape Cod, MA)


Have you had raw oysters? Are you able to tell a difference on where the oyster came from? Have you had or made any dishes with Geoduck clams? 

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