Fake a Tan

I was sure I would never get a spray on tan. But I guess the phrase “never say never” is true.

Recently, I was one of the people in charge of putting together an anniversary brunch for my non-profit club (Active 20-30) and wanted to make sure I looked nice. One of the new ladies joining the club happens to be a makeup artist and does spray tanning. She offered those girls modeling in our traditional fashion show a deal price if we wanted a tan.

I had signed up to be a model and went and tried on a couple of outfits. One of them was a pretty fushia color dress. It was cute but really showed how white I was. I decided then to go ahead and try out the tan and hopefully it would make the dress look better.

I went to her place and she had a mobile tent set up. She explained a little about the spray and the procedure. I got undressed and put on disposable undies and bra wrap, since I chose to keep those covered, but she said some people do without. There was a lotion to put on hands and elbows I think so the spray wouldn’t get so stuck in the cracked skin lines. Then i put on sticky pads on my feet and stepped inside the tent. She came back and started up the spray. It felt like a cool mist going over my body. up and down and all around. and she was done.

I waited about a minute and put back on my clothes. She said to not shower that night and there might be orange coloring that rubs off. that could be washed out. the orange color is tint for the spayer to see where they spray. I showered the next day and was amazed at how natural a tan it looked. She had said the tan could last about a week if I made sure to use lotion.

I went out that night and a few ladies didn’t recognize me at first glance and then ask where I’ve been to have gotten so tan. I wish I could say I was on vacation but they would have knew it wasn’t true as they saw me a few days before. Hard to believe getting a spray tan would bring memories. But it did, made me remember that was how I looked for most of the year when I younger and swam year round.

At the Anniversary Brunch I had lots of ladies asking where I was just on vacation to get such a nice tan. I was a little afraid it wouldn’t look natural but it really did. And I looked so much better wearing that dress!

Wish I got a before and after shot that day, but here are a couple of photos with the one on the left a couple of months before and the one on the right two days after when she said it would be at it’s darkest.

Have you gotten a spray tan? Good reactions or bad?


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