Create a Hometown Bucket List

I saw a post on a blog (can’t recall who this was, otherwise I’d give credit here) where they made a bucket list of items to do in their own hometown. I thought this a great idea!! I mean, how often do you really look around where you live? Usually, it’s to go to places out of town to do adventures. But there are so many great events or places in town that are just as unique and “bucket” list worthy.



Is my hometown. In just the last few years, they have worked hard to create great events throughout the year. And there are lots of places that are worth putting on a list and check off going to at least once. I think I’ll start with 50 things to go to this year.

  1. Experience Dine Downtown Week by going to one of the restaurants (occurs about the 2nd – 3rd week of January)
  2. Stroll around Old Sacramento (play tourist)
  3. Tour the Capitol (can’t recall the last time I saw the dome from the inside)
  4. Sutter’s Fort (play tourist)
  5. Go to at least one drive-in movie
  6. Experience Beer Week (February to March)
  7. Go on an underground tour
  8. Go on a Halloween Lantern Tour at the Old City Cemetery
  9. Go across the Golden Tower Bridge
  10. Go have a beer in The Trap (bar)
  11. Attend a Shakespeare play in the park
  12. Bike the whole American River trail
  13. Raft down the river (or go boating)
  14. Browse art galleys during Second Saturday
  15. Museums
  16. Specific foods/drinks special to Sacramento (come back for a few of these)
  17. Visit El Dorado and enjoy a Golden Cadillac at Poor Reds (this is just outside of Sacramento)
  18. Go on a dice walk downtown
  19. Attend concerts in the park & Pops in the Park concerts
  20. See at least one play and one musical
  21. Festivals (come back to this)

I am going to have to come back and finish creating the list. If you have ideas to help, I’d love to hear.

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