1,001 (+) Books to Read Before You Die

I say 1,001 (plus) because there have been at least 4 revisions (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012) of this book and some books have been taken off the list and others added. The 2010 revision had added a whole lot of international books and taken off quite a number that should have stayed because they are timeless classics and most English courses have had them at some time or another. If one was to have the whole list it would be more like 1305 books.

I posted about listing here those books I have read. I am editing that and added a tab up on top of the blog. I will be listing the full list and then break it up by author, year, genre, and country as I read and finish them. Just like I am doing for the movie list. Not sure if that will help keep track better or not.

3 thoughts on “1,001 (+) Books to Read Before You Die

  1. Love it! I had a similar list a few years back, but didn’t really stick to it.
    I’m curious: if you start one and realize it’s not for you, do you still keep reading in order to add it to the list or do you think “there’s 1000+ more of them, I’d better read one that I actually like” and leave it half way?

    • Thanks for the comment and question, Sam. I think that because there are sooo many to choose from you can just stop reading a book you are struggling to get through and just go on the another. If your goal is to read ALL the books, then you will have to eventually get back to that one you didn’t care for. I would read those you will finish first and enjoy reading to keep you wanting to work on this list rather then read books you don’t like and end up giving up altogether.
      There are a lot of smaller lists you can get through first, this is like the ultimate list of books.

      • That’s a good way to see it. In a way, even if you weren’t to read a book from beginning to end you’d still have read it, so it could even count even if you leave it half way.
        I’ll definitely check some of those lists out, I absolutely love the idea of starting a similar challenge!

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