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Monthly List: September 2016

1503 Accept mortality, but live forever
1502 Assess your needs
1518 Barter your skills
1527 Bathe in the lap of luxury
1528 Be childlike, not childish
1523 Clean up the mess
1506 Clip coupons
1501 Crew on a sloop
1519 Find a buried treasure
1524 Give up being perfect
1522 Grow wildflowers
1509 Hire a private detective
1508 Join the Peace Corps
1529 Lay it on the line for the sake of principle
1511 Needlepoint your favorite proverb
1504 Negotiate a better deal
1505 Network
1507 Nurse someone back to health
1512 Pump iron
1530 Read bedtime stories
1516 Read the fine print
1526 Restore your grandparents’ wedding photo
1513 Rethink first impressions
1514 Set up a scholarship
1510 Share the profits
1515 Shingle a roof
1520 Spot one of America’s Most Wanted
1517 Supplement your income
1525 Understand the sound of one hand clapping
1521 Win on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Every month I am taking 30 items from the 2001 Things to Do book and creating a short checklist. I am using this as inspiration to work on crossing things off the list, maybe not particularly from that month, but overall to do something different. This is not necessarily a “bucket list”; it is a goal that by doing something new (or doing something I’ve done before but hadn’t documented it with photos or journaling) I will keep from feeling in a rut. I will be able to look back at the little, big, sad, happy, joyful, or heart thumping moments and feel my life has value.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” by Dennis Waitley

This is a reminder to myself of why I have this blog. I’m working through posting all the items from the book and beyond, to keep in mind to do something. To get out there for experiences and adventures.

I’d love to hear if you have done any of these. Or if you have other ideas to try.


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