Monthly List: January 2015

916 Ask for the best seat in the house
926 Complete The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle
923 Eat candy for breakfast
903 Feed a baby
921 Hem your own pants
924 Jump into a big pile of leaves
902 Kick the extra point
919 Know where you stand
930 Learn all there is to know about the Polka
909 Learn how to use a compass
910 Leave the bed unmade for a month
908 Make a killing on the stock market
913 Move an audience to tears
925 Own an original Matisse, Basquiat, or Nauman
915 Pass mouthfuls of wine to your lover
901 Pick a lock
911 Pilot a plane
927 Read the entire Sunday Times cover to cover
905 Roll on a log
914 Save the unicorn from extinction
906 See all fifty states
922 Sign checks with a crayon
920 Skydive
904 Take a hansom cab ride
928 Tell your age proudly
917 Travel Route 66
912 Use a seesaw
929 Wear a lampshade on your head at a black-tie event
918 Wear pajamas all day long
907 Write a passionate love poem

Every month I am taking 30 items from the 2001 Things to Do book and creating a short checklist. I am using this as inspiration to work on crossing things off the list, maybe not particularly from that month, but overall to do something different. This is not necessarily a “bucket list”; it is a goal that by doing something new (or doing something I’ve done before but hadn’t documented it with photos or journaling) I will keep from feeling in a rut. I will be able to look back at the little, big, sad, happy, joyful, or heart thumping moments and feel my life has value.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” by Dennis Waitley

This is a reminder to myself of why I have this blog. I’m working through posting all the items from the book and beyond, to keep in mind to do something. To get out there for experiences and adventures.

I’d love to hear if you have done any of these. Or if you have other ideas to try.

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