Monthly List: December 2013

517 Admit that you don’t know
531 Climb the highest summits on all seven continents
525 Dance the hora
515 Develop a new signature
537 Drive a Humvee through the woods
529 Eat a hot tamale
532 Enjoy strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
513 fingerpaint
535 Have a blue jean-drive and then send truckloads to Central America
512 Impress your friends with a one-armed push-up
523 Learn the Rocky Horror Picture Show routine by heart
524 Play Santa for a needy family at Christmas
518 Play in a jug band
521 Predict a trend
538 Propose with a painting or a pet instead of a ring
514 Record something to be played or read at your funeral
530 Run a used-book store
511 See how high you can swing
540 Start a newsletter
519 Start a tradition
539 Throw a shower for a single friend
516 Throw a surprise party
536 Throw petals at your wedding instead of rice
528 Travel Magellan’s exact route around the world
533 Try out for a professional sports team
526 Visit a Biosphere
522 Wear a boa constrictor around your neck
520 Wear a feather boa to work
527 Write a fan letter
534 Write a rap song

Every month I am taking 30 items from the 2001 Things to Do book and creating a short checklist. I am using this as inspiration to work on crossing things off the list, maybe not particularly from that month, but overall to do something different. This is not necessarily a “bucket list”; it is a goal that by doing something new (or doing something I’ve done before but hadn’t documented it with photos or journaling) I will keep from feeling in a rut. I will be able to look back at the little, big, sad, happy, joyful, or heart thumping moments and feel my life has value.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” by Dennis Waitley

This is a reminder to myself of why I have this blog. I’m working through posting all the items from the book and beyond, to keep in mind to do something. To get out there for experiences and adventures.

I’d love to hear if you have done any of these. Or if you have other ideas to try.


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